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CBDS Distinguished Speaker Seminar: “Real Engineering Responsibility in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Deborah Raji, Mozilla Fellow

Real Engineering Responsibility in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Deborah Raji, Mozilla Fellow

Host: Vimig Socrates, Seminar Organizing Committee

What does it really mean for an algorithmic system to "work"? This talk explores several anecdotes of the real-world challenges to ensuring that such systems are engineered responsibly. Through a discussion of the benefits and limitations of several audit and accountability mechanisms, we explore why it can be so easy to neglect the requirement for these deployed systems to operate for the benefit of those impacted as well as articulate what can be done to keep a consideration for the most vulnerable stakeholders at the forefront of decision making on model design, implementation and deployment.

Deborah is a Mozilla fellow, interested in algorithmic auditing. She also works closely with the Algorithmic Justice League initiative to highlight bias in deployed products. She was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT Tech Review 35 Under 35 Innovators.


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