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Program in the History of Science and Medicine Presents: "Deciphering Human Science: Reading Sylvia Wynter with Zakiyyah Iman Jackson"

Presented by The Program in the History of Science and Medicine and the Section of the History of Medicine

Zakiyyah Iman Jackson, University of Southern California

This master class investigates the relationship between science and

aesthetics. The focal point of our discussion will be two articles by the highly-influential

Jamaican-Cuban literary critic and philosopher of the Americas, Sylvia Wynter:

"Rethinking ‘Aesthetics’: Notes Towards a Deciphering Practice” and "Towards the

Sociogenic Principle: Fanon, Identity, the Puzzle of Conscious Experience, and What It

Is Like to be 'Black.'" I will introduce Wynter’s decipherment as an anti-formalism that

challenges continuities between the culture of literary, film, and art criticism and the

cult(ure) of the gene in the biological sciences and biocentrism.

This event will be presented via Zoom.

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