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Endocrinology Presents: "A Tribute to Dr. Robert Stanley Sherwin for His Scientific Achievements"

This symposium honors Dr. Robert Stanley Sherwin, CNH Long Professor Emeritus, for the breadth and depth of his scientific contributions to the field of diabetes and metabolism.

Over a long and wide-ranging career, Dr. Sherwin’s work laid the foundation for several of the cornerstones of modern day diabetes management including helping to develop the insulin pump as well as seminal contributions to our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the body’s response to hypoglycemia.

In his pursuit of a deeper understanding of the body’s adaptations to diabetes, Dr. Sherwin was not confined by topic or technique. This is clearly exemplified by the speakers chosen for this symposium, who will highlight Dr. Sherwin’s important contributions relating to integrated physiology, islet biology, immuno-metabolism, and the central nervous system signaling of metabolism.

Friday, October 25, 2019

9:00AM – 4:00PM

Park Street Auditorium | 55 Park Street, New Haven






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