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YSPH Climate Action Day

Yale’s Office of Sustainability is hosting Celebrate Sustainability Week this week with several opportunities to explore around campus. What is YSPH doing? We’re taking action! Join us in simple options to change the impact of climate on health. 

  1. Pledge any time this week to small actions you can take, and see what your colleagues are doing.
  2. On Thursday, October 10, 11:30-1:30 in the Student Lounge, register to vote online in any state.
  3. Also at this time, send a postcard to the CT governor, legislators and the CT Environment Committee to declare a Climate Emergency in Connecticut. See other declarations being made in regions, countries and organizations around the globe. (stamped postcards, bullet scripts, and snacks, will be provided)



YSPH Sustainability Committee

Host Organization

Yale School of Public Health




School-wide Occasions


Oct 201910Thursday
11:30 AM1:30 PM
Student Lounge47 College StreetNew Haven, CT