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CBDS Seminar Series: Vahan Simonyan "Demystifying Digital Healthcare: From Simple Blockchain to Complex Real World Analytics"

Summary: Author will discuss the technological limitations of modern digital healthcare platforms given the scope and the size of the datasets. Ideas will be proposed on how to use real-world settings to generate and manipulate larger volumes and more variety of complex datasets suitable for well powered studies. 

AbstractHow can you take a good set of instruments, overhype, overuse, and kill good intensions by blurring the line between true science and speculation by “cheating math” in heavily underpowered studies? Multidimensional science of healthcare needs appropriately scaled high quality data in order to produce meaningful results. What is the path out of magic-land into evidence-based science, and how can we build blockchain-based platforms to collect data and enable meaningful analytics?

Speaker Bio: Dr. Vahan Simonyan has a scientific background in Organic Chemistry, Quantum Physics and Mathematics, Nanotechnology and Quantum Statistical Thermodynamics, Biotechnology and Biomedical Informatics. He currently serves as a Senior direcor of Bioinformatics at the CRISPR Therapeutics, Chief Scientist  at the WHISE consortium and as a Professor of biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the George Washington University. Vahan is a prolific author of publications in physics, chemistry, quantum chemistry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, population dynamics, and bioinformatics. His accomplishments in academic and R&D technology carriers have been complemented with the success of technology leadership and executive roles at NIH and FDA where he established large-scale and complex, science-heavy R&D infrastructures capable of serving worldwide communities for research and regulatory purposes. 


  • CRISPR Therapeutics

    Vahan Simonyan
    Senior Director of Bioinformatics



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Oct 20192Wednesday
4:00 PM5:00 PM
Brady Memorial LaboratoryAuditorium310 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT