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Yale Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds: "Improving Quality by Improving the Quality of Decision-Making"

Needs Assessment

Diagnostic reasoning is not explicitly taught in medical school and diagnostic error is common in clinical practice, as reported in a recent IOM report. Increased attention to this deficiency and improved education methods will likely result in improved diagnostic reasoning and improved quality of medical care. This course will showcase recent research in the field and will stimulate learners to seek more information about the diagnostic process and ways to improve.

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand how quality of care is affected by medical decision-making.
  2. To understand the diagnostic process.
  3. To understand recent research on how clinicians make a medical diagnosis.


  • Eastern Virginia Medical School

    John E. Brush, MD, FACC



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Grand Rounds


Coffee and Tea: Coffee & Tea.
Oct 201922Tuesday
8:00 AM9:00 AM
Fitkin Memorial Pavilion AuditoriumLMP1094, Fitkin Amphitheatre789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT