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Custom Machining

The Machine Shop provides custom machining for Yale and the local community. A skilled machinist, Tony DeSimone can work with you to help conceptualize and diagram your need and then create a custom solution. The machine shop specializes in both metal and plastic machining and fabrication services. Examples of custom work include:

  • Anesthesia chambers
  • Cold/hot plates (to custom specifications)
  • Custom tracheal button/plugs
  • Flow cytometer - kinetics unit
  • Localizers for irradiation of biological samples
  • Metabolic cages
  • Primate chairs
  • Perfusion chambers
  • Rodent restrainer apparatus
  • Water maze tank

A precise process:


The original drawing received from the client.


A drawing made by Tony Desimone to begin custom fabrication.

Final Product

The final product delivered to the client.