Caitlin Ryus, MD, MPH

Caitlin Ryus

Hometown: Champaign, IL
Education: Bryn Mawr College - Psychology Major; Columbia University - MPH (Sociomedical Sciences); Brown University - MD
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy going to art galleries, biking, hiking, and playing guitar and ukulele. I’m a bit of a foodie and love going to restaurants as well as cultivating my own veggies with urban farming/gardening. I also have a toddler who has recently re-introduced me to the joys of children’s museums and swing sets.
Past Life: I took a non-traditional path to medicine and spent several years working in global/public health focusing mostly on various women’s reproductive health issues. Along the way I also held various odd jobs including cocktail waitress, boutique retailer, and transporting organs for transplants across the country.
Academic Interests: Health disparities, violence prevention, asylum / immigration / refugee health, ethics.
Favorite activities in New Haven: I’m excited to explore New Haven’s food scene and area hiking.
Why Yale EM: Yale is an academic powerhouse! I was drawn by the abundance of research opportunities including interdisciplinary partnerships throughout the university. There were inspiring faculty and residents who shared both my research as well as community service interests and I was excited to get to work with them. And also, the food trucks might have factored in!
Random factoid: I’ve lived in 17 cities in my lifetime, across 4 countries and 10 states.