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Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, MD, MBA


Lagos, Nigeria and Houston, TX


BA: Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University (2012); MD: Yale School of Medicine (2017); MBA: Yale School of Management (2017)


Soccer, basketball, cooking, public speaking, reading about the human mind and incentive design, dancing to all kinds of music, traveling and exploring new cities.

Past Life:

Amateur bartender (took a class many years ago so please lower your expectations), military boarding school student in Nigeria, Director of International programs for a non-profit based in Ghana.

Academic Interests:

Healthcare infrastructural development in Africa, ultrasound, health policy and administration.

Favorite activities in New Haven:

Visiting lots of restaurants (the food scene is wonderful), lots of hiking, playing sports outdoors, chilling at the different libraries, developing networks across Yale, eating cart food outside the hospital (I dare you to try eating from every one of the approximately 20 carts).

Why Yale EM:

Why not? World class faculty who are also extremely down to earth. These are the people I want to mentor me to achieve great things in the future.

Random factoid:

Although I grew up scared of heights, I’ve engaged in various activities to the contrary including bungee jumping off the highest bungee in the world. Stay tuned for my next adventure.