Sam Buck, MD

Sam Buck

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN
Education: University of Minnesota –Twin Cities; Baylor College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, Eating, (and most other foodie-related activities) Walking and running with my wife, Board Games, Video Games.
Past Life: ER Technician, Landscape Construction.
Academic Interests: Simulation, Medical Education.
Favorite activities in New Haven: I have only spent a month over the summer in New Haven, but I could have spent another month hitting up all the local restaurants, bars, and food trucks! Never a far drive for a beach day either!
Why Yale EM: When I did a rotation at Yale, I immediately felt like I had found my place. Excellent faculty that were always willing to teach, the resources of a large academic institution with a diverse patient population, an outstanding education curriculum. But more than anything, I felt at home with Yale’s awesome residents and ER staff.
Random factoid: I have an appreciation for bizarre “sports”, having competed professionally as a dodgeballer, cheerleader, and eater.