Erin Bright, MD

Erin Bright

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Education: University of Delaware, BS, Dietetics; SUNY Upstate Medical University, MD
Hobbies/Interests: Running, volleyball, snowboarding, anything outdoors, travel, podcasts, cooking.
Past Life: I only know how to be a student.
Academic Interests: Education, Administration.
Favorite activities in New Haven: Waiting to find out!
Why Yale EM: The residents I met on my interview genuinelyseemed happy with their decision to train at Yale. They spoke very highly of their co-residents & EM faculty. I also thought Yale would foster an environment that encouraged individuality and support for residents to pursue whatever their interests may be. Lastly, Dr. Della-Giustina seemed like a great program director to work with during residency.
Random factoid: I have traveled to 4 Olympic games.