When attending Yale EM didactics, you will find very few traditional, single speaker lectures. We strive to create an interactive experiential learning environment which increases both the retention and enjoyment of the adult learner.

In 2006, small group sessions became an integral piece of the didactic curriculum. These sessions occur almost weekly with residents dividing into groups for hands-on workshops and seminars, patient management in the simulation lab, and review of core emergency medicine topic questions. Additionally, EKG interpretation workshops, interactive ultrasound review sessions, mock oral exams, and procedure labs are standard parts of the curriculum.

For large group didactic sessions, an audience response system is used. Each resident gets to electronically record their answers to questions posed by the lecturer. This is yet another way that Yale EM keeps all learning experiences interactive.

Yale EM offers five-hours of didactic conference every Wednesday morning. The topics of the ABEM Model of EM are covered in a two year cycle. This ensures that residents are exposed to core topics at least twice during their residency. Residents have an opportunity to gain expertise at public speaking and presentation through the lectures they present.

Additionally, we recognize that individual resident classes have specialized educational needs. Thus, Yale EM offers an intern lecture series, a PGY-2 lecture series, and a senior resident lecture series. These series allows residents to receive curriculum tailored to their needs with the members of their class. This small group environment facilitates open communication and inquiry.

Morning report is held weekly and is led by a senior resident. These conferences provide case based learning in a small group environment. Morning report always fosters active discussions about disease epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, management, and disposition. Summary of key literature is often reviewed.

Didactic sessions are held in an environment that encourages active participation. Breakfast is provided to residents and students for each weekly didactic session.

Highlights include:

  • Small group learning
  • Audience participation in all lectures
  • Simulated patient encounters
  • Grand rounds with prominent visiting professors
  • Core content lectures provided by ED attendings as well as renowned specialists
  • Toxicology lecture series
  • Critical care lecture series
  • Morbidity and mortality conference
  • Trauma conference
  • Journal club
  • Procedure labs on suturing, casting, chest tube insertion, and difficult airways
  • Interactive ultrasound review lecture series
  • ACLS, ATLS and PALS certification
  • Pediatric EM lecture series
  • Mock oral board exams
  • Morning report
  • Class-specific lecture series
  • Yale EM Global Health Day