Yale Emergency Medicine (EM) has numerous research studies underway at any given time. EM research is an interdisciplinary field that addresses a plethora of subjects and medical specialties ranging from acute critical care to improving public health. Our faculty are nationally recognized experts in their fields of study, giving residents tremendous opportunities to advance potential academic careers and personal interests. Our work is supported by NIH, AHRQ, SAMHSA, CDC, and RWJF, among others.

Yale EM faculty research programs include:

Recent awards:

Tarabar - AACT - Lily of the Valley Ingestion: Epidemiology, Laboratory Diagnosis, and Treatment of Convallaria toxicity

Taylor - AIUM - A Prospective study on Point-of-Care Focused Cardiac Ultrasound in Assessing for Thoracis Aortic Dimensions, Dilation, and Aneurysm in Correlation with CT Angiogram in Suspected Cases of Pathology

Vaca - CT DOT/US DOT - Mapping Alcohol Problems and Statistics in Crashes (MAPS-C)

Bogucki, Cone, Carter - CT Dept of Social Services - Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention - Baker(PI)

Bernstein - NHLBI - Implementation of HIT-Enhanced tobacco treatment for hospitalized smokers

Singh-Gill - CT College of Emergency Physicians - The utility of lumbar puncture after a negative head CT in the emergency department evaluation of a subarachnoid hemorrhage

Gadiraju - WHO - Assessing the Typhoid Fever Burden of Disease in Samoa

Vashi - NIH - YouthHaven: A community based approach to youth violence prevention - Rosenthal(PI)

Brandt - University of Pittsburgh/NHLBI - The risk of types of heart failure among HIV infected and uninfected Veterans.  

Safdar - CT VA - Women's Cohort Study

Dziura - CT VA - Women's Cohort Study


Post - Michigan Dept of Community Health/MSU - Health Information Technology to Prevent Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Bogucki - YNHHSC-CEPDR - Consulting Agreement- YNHH Center for Emergency Medicine for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

Post - YNHHS - EPIC Usability Evaluation: To improve the usability of EPIC for better implementation

Post - YNHHS - YNHHS Workflow Redesign: To improve the workflow concurrently with implementation 

Post - YNHHS - EPIC integration and Inter-operation: To improve the integration and inter-operation of EPIC with existing health information technology

Robey -Greenwall Foundation - Beneficent paternalism to patient autonomy: Radiation risks from computed tomography scans in the emergency department

Abujarad - VERC - Engineering Principles to improve the safe administration of opioids by Patient-Controlled Analgesia in both inpatients and home based primary care settings

Murphy - SAEM - Alcohol and tobacco SBIRT for emergency departments

Abujarad - State of Delaware - Delaware Background Check Program Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection

Dziura - VA - VA IPA women Veterans Cohort Study