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Emergency Medicine Drs. Carter and Bogucki Awarded Health Care Innovation Grant for Project PRIDE

July 11, 2014

On July 9, the Secretary of Health and Human Services announced the prospective awardees selected to test innovative care models designed to deliver better health care and lower costs under the Health Care Innovation Awards program.

Among the awardees are Ryan Carter, MD, MPH, MPP, and Sandy Bogucki, MD, PhD, of the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) at Yale School of Medicine. Drs. Carter and Bogucki will receive an estimated $7,159,977 for their project, Paramedic Referrals for Increased Independence and Decreased Disability in the Elderly (PRIDE).

“We are thrilled,” said Gail D’Onofrio, MD, MS, Professor and Chair of the DEM. “After being tested in Connecticut we are confident that this innovative program will improve care coordination and health outcomes for the elderly and people with disabilities throughout the United States—preserving their safety, dignity and independence.”

The program, which begins in September of 2014, will assist elders and others with impaired mobility who contact 9-1-1 for falls or lift assists, but choose to remain at home. The aim is to decrease repeat ambulance transports, reduce inpatient hospitalizations, and lower health care costs. EMS providers are trained to perform enhanced evaluations during the initial 9-1-1 call. Specially trained paramedics will make follow-up visits to perform detailed risk assessments, medication reviews, referrals to primary care doctors, and access to other services.

Dr. Carter is an Emergency Physician whose research interests focus on pre-hospital care and health policy. He previously designed a state-wide EMS quality assurance program while working with a critical-care transport service in Rhode Island. Since coming to Yale, he has worked as an associate EMS medical director and taken charge of continuing medical education for local paramedics. According to Dr. Carter, “This project will allow our paramedics to use their skills and training to provide improved health to individuals and communities, as well as better value for each health care dollar. It seemed a perfect fit for the triple aim of the Health Care Innovation Program, and we are grateful for their funding.”

Dr. Bogucki has extensive experience in fire, rescue and emergency medical services at both local and national leadership levels. She currently serves as the physician medical director for the EMS agencies in New Haven and the 12 surrounding towns. “It is a great honor to receive this award” said Dr. Bogucki. “It will extend our successful program from the shoreline towns to the entire region, and expand the roles of our paramedic-level EMS agencies to facilitate access to community support such as the VNA, transportation and other services for these patients.”

Charles Babson, General Manager of the Eastern Connecticut Operations of American Medical Response says, “Project PRIDE has brought together a group of very talented individuals with extraordinary expertise and passion for emergency medical services and patient care. We are confident that this study will reduce costs and improve the health of our residents, delivering the most appropriate care to the patient at the right time to provide both patient satisfaction and wellbeing.”

Submitted by Liz Pantani on July 11, 2014