Medical Students



The educational mission of the Department of Emergency Medicine is to educate future leaders and scholars who will advance the practice of emergency medicine at all levels, from local to international.

Medical Student Education

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Student clerkships in Yale EM are designed to be a hands-on experience where students will immerse themselves in the workings of the ED.

The outstanding teaching during the Yale EM junior and senior clerkships is evidenced by Dr. Leigh Evans (Director of EM Simulation) receiving the 2008 Bohmfalk Prize for clinical teaching voted on by Yale medical students and faculty, and Dr. Karen Jubanyik (Director of Yale EM Medical Student Education) receiving the 2009 Francis Gilmore Blake award, awarded by the graduating class to the most outstanding teacher of the clinical sciences.

Third Year Students

All Yale Medical Students participate in a 2 week EM rotation during their third year of school. Students work closely with Yale EM faculty and residents while providing direct patient care. Third year students are primarily assigned to the critical care area of the emergency department. This design allows the student to participate in the care of the sickest patients in the ED. It also exposes a student to a wide range of critical EM procedures. All patient care is directly and closely supervised.

Each third year student receives individualized teaching from EM faculty members while participating in simulated patient encounters that reinforce topics taught in ACLS. Students also rotate in groups through the Yale EM simulation center (please make this a link) as part of a 12 week EM simulation course. Small group case conferences are led by EM faculty and help the student to learn the EM approach to acute presentations of common chief complaints.

Please see our Third Year Rotation page for more information on the requirements and expectations of the rotation.

Contact the course administrator, Jaydale Codrington-Poyotte or the course director, Dr. Alison Hayward for more information.

Fourth Year Students

Fourth year students may participate in an EM subinternship. This is a 4-week rotation in which the student’s role mirrors that of an EM PGY-1 resident. The student is assigned shifts in both the main ED and the critical care area of the ED to allow them to experience the breadth and depth of EM. Students are supervised by senior EM residents and faculty. Bedside teaching is supplemented by morning report (held biweekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:35am in the EM administration conference room, next to the CIU) and weekly EM didactics, which are held Wednesdays from 9am to 2pm. This rotation may also be done in a longitudinal manner throughout the year, which is a particularly attractive option for students in the lab or away from clinical rotations while working on an advanced degree.

The Yale University Department of EM welcomes visiting students to participate in a 4-week EM subinternship. Please contact Lorraine Roseman. Yale now uses the VSAS system for accepting applications from students interested in visiting rotations. In addition, please contact Dr. Lisa Hile in the Department of Emergency Medicine if interested in doing a visiting rotation.

The DEM also offers an Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasound Elective for visiting students. It can be either 2 weeks or 4 weeks in length. Please contact Dr. Rachel Liu for more information.