Yale University

Department of Emergency Medicine Fellowship Training

Yale GH-IEM fellows will spend a total of 12 months at Yale University as Clinical Instructors in the Department of Emergency Medicine. In addition to clinical duties within the department, fellows will continue to develop essentials skills in Global Health and will be responsible for educational and research support of the Global Health Division within the Department of Emergency Medicine as follows:

  • Yale Tropical Medicine Elective: The Yale tropical medicine elective is designed for residents and medical students interested in tropical medicine and meets weekly. The program is organized by the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease and highlights core topics as relevant to tropical infectious disease in low income countries. Fellows will attend weekly lectures in year 1 and will serve as preceptors for residents and medical students involved in the course during year.
  • Population Health Area of Concentration:The Population Health AoC is designed for emergency medicine residents interested in strengthening their public health skill set. Residents dedicate time during their PGY I-II years developing a knowledge base in epidemiology and public health to compliment their residency training. During PGY III-IV years, residents are posted in field assignments as Johnson and Johnson Clinical Scholars to develop practical skills and undertake research applied towards residency graduation requirements. Fellows will assist and mentor residents within the AoC and will be responsible for field level supervision and preceptorship of residents in the field.
  • Yale School of Public Health - Global Minds Lecture Series: The Yale School of Public Health offers weekly lectures, workshops and conferences that are open to Yale students and faculty. Fellows are required to attend a total of 30 hours during their fellowship training and are encouraged to attend additional sessions as applicable.
  • Didactics, Department of Emergency Medicine: Fellows will be responsible for the presentation of 2 lectures per year within the Department of Emergency Medicines’ Wednesday morning didactic series.
  • Yale Office for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster response: Fellows will partner with ongoing local and international projects carried out through the Yale Office of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response. Fellows will be invited to participate in relevant disaster planning and will liaison with the Chief Medical Officer. Fellows are encouraged to use the resources of this office in the development of self directed initiatives as relevant for international emergency.
  • Yale University Division of Emergency Medical Services: Fellows will participate in didactic and academic programming within the division of EMS at Yale. Opportunities for partnership and development of international programming within the division of EMS will be undertaken in partnership with EMS fellows and leadership.