Yale Emergency Scholars (YES) Program

New 5-Year Combined EM Residency and Research Fellowship

The Yale Emergency Scholars (YES) program is a 5-year track that merges our fully accredited emergency medicine residency with a rigorous, SAEM-certified research fellowship. Successful graduates will receive a Master in Health Sciences (MHS) degree from Yale and be able to compete for extramural training and research grants. After the 4th year of training, candidates will be board-prepared residency graduates in emergency medicine.

Candidates will be residents for the first four years of the program and research fellows in the final year. However, formal MHS coursework and research activities will begin in the EM3 and EM4 years. Appropriate adjustments will be made in residency commitments to facilitate coursework and research. In the fifth year, candidates will continue their research course work and work clinical shifts as attending physicians in the Yale-New Haven Hospital Emergency Department.

  • This program will leverage the strengths of our department, which has over $23 million in federal funding, many senior investigators and mentors, and the outstanding training environment and resources of Yale University, including the Schools of Medicine and Public Health.
  • The YES program will have a separate NRMP number. Candidates may apply for this program, our traditional 4-year residency, or both. Commencement of YES-related activities in the EM3 year is contingent upon satisfactory performance in the EM1 and EM2 years.