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Clerkship Expectations & Responsibilities

The Yale Emergency Medicine Clerkship is a three-week rotation focusing on the diagnosis and stabilization of emergency conditions.


Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge needed to evaluate, treat and disposition common presentations in the emergency department. Some of these include chest pain, abdominal pain, and shortness of breath.
  • Formulate weighted differential diagnoses and evidence-based management plans.
  • Participate in common procedures in the emergency department such as venipuncture, wound management and, incision and drainage.
  • Write a succinct note documenting important elements of the ED encounter - this must be done under the supervision of a resident or faculty team member.
  • Accurately interpret common clinical tests such as EKGs, chest x-rays and serum electrolytes.
  • Apply knowledge of pathophysiology to explain abnormal physical exam and/or laboratory findings.
  • Understand patient concerns within the context of access to healthcare and community resources.
  • Participate in a multidisciplinary patient care team.
  • Demonstrate a professional demeanor and a positive attitude toward patient care.