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Welcome to DOSE

DOSE provides quality, personalized consultation and web-based dose optimization education for renal colic CT; allowing your facility to better align with national radiation dose standards and benchmarks.

Funded by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, DOSE aims to nationally improve dose optimization in renal colic CT without diagnostic compromise. The state-of-the-art online educational platform, RadIQ, allows DOSE to disseminate renal colic CT best practice techniques to facilities nationwide while provided CME credit for radiologists.

Completion of RadIQ’s Kidney Stone Modules:

  • Improves radiologist’s proficiency and confidence in interpretation of renal colic and extra-renal abnormalities in reduced dose CT images.
  • Provide dose optimization techniques for appropriate and effective implementation of reduced dose CT scans.
  • Allows your facility to be on the forefront of safe and effective patient care.
  • Provides radiologist free ABR MOC Part II and IV continuing education credit.

Taking advantage of DOSE is simple and easy.

Click here to be provided with free access to RadIQ’s kidney stone modules as well as additional consultation and support if needed.

Benefits of joining DOSE:

    • DOSE provides your facility with free expert-based online education and consultation for successful implementation of reduced dose renal colic CT.
    • DOSE allows radiologists to improve low dose diagnostic proficiency in renal colic and extra-renal abnormalities.
    • DOSE provides physicians and technicians with detailed technical aspects of dose optimization for renal colic CT.
    • Enrollment in DOSE is a free and easy way to satisfy ABR’s MOC Part II and IV continuing education requirement.