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Summer Research

First year student summer research applications are due on May 1, 2020, and a meeting concerning summer research opportunities for first year students will be held each November. Summer research stipends are awarded in the amount of $6,204 per student.  

Applications for summer research fellowships are available electronically for download at left or as hard copy in the M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. Student Work Area (312 ESH) next to the Office of Student Research (310 ESH).

The Jack & Francine Levin Yale-at-MBL Student Research Fellowships

Summer 2019 at MBL group of students
MBL participants Summer 2018

The Jack and Francine Levin Yale-at-MBL Student Research Fellowships were established in 2018 by YSM alumnus Jack Levin, MD 1957, and his wife, Francine Levin, to encourage Yale medical students to engage in biomedical research early in their medical school careers.  Located on Cape Cod, three hours from New Haven, MBL is a locus for scientists from around the globe pursuing research in a wide variety of fields directly relevant to human health.  Discoveries by investigators at or affiliated with the MBL have produced more than 50 Nobel prizes in physiology or medicine since 1920.  The MBL, an affliliate of the University of Chicago, provides access to, and training in, super-resolution and high-resolution microscopy and experimental techniques in cellular and molecular physiology, genetics, and other fields.  Research across the MBL focuses on a number of distinctive themes, including:

  • new discoveries emerging from the study of novel marine organisms, encompassing research in regenerative biology, neuroscience, sensory physiology, and comparative evolution and genomics;
  • the study of microbiomes and microbial diversity and ecology in a variety of ocean and terrestrial habitats;
  • cutting-edge imaging and computation, making the unseen visible to illuminate cellular function and to explore biological mechanisms; and
  • organismal adaptation and resilience in the face of global climate change and rapidly changing ecosystems.

For more information, click on the link here.

The Yale Center for International and Professional Experience keeps a searchable database of Fellowships and Funding.

Listed below are links for additional sources of funding for summer research for 1st year medical students. It is important that you read the requirements carefully for each fellowship, as they have different eligibility requirements and deadlines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning to apply for summer research fellowships from funding sources outside of Yale, please contact Donna Carranzo at, as there may be additional forms required by Yale's Office of Sponsored Projects that need to be completed before an application can be submitted to the funding agency.


Summer Funding Opportunities:

To complete the application form electronically, download the PDF file above and open it using either Adobe Acrobat. Further instructions are available within the document itself.

Alternatively, download and print the application document using Acrobat Reader for PDF files or Microsoft Word for DOC files (Windows only). Fill out the printed application using a type-writer, word processor, or by printing neatly.