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Mentors for START@Yale Students

Please Note: Mentor list is preliminary and may be updated.

A major goal of the START@Yale program is to provide participants with the opportunity to undertake research during the summer before the first year of medical school.

We encourage START@Yale participants to perform research with physician-scientist mentors who are role models for successful career development that involved both research and clinical training. Examples of clinically trained physician-scientist faculty members are listed below. A link is provided for information about the research interests of each of these faculty members.

NOTE: Those mentors indicated with an asterisk (*) can serve as mentor for either MD or MD/PhD participants.

Sanjay Aneja, MD
Therapeutic Radiology

*Peter Aronson, MD
Internal Medicine (Nephrology), Cellular and Molecular Physiology

*Nigel Bamford, MD
Pediatrics, Neurology

*Ranjit Bindra, MD, Phd
Therapeutic Radiology

*Hal Blumenfeld, MD, PhD
Neurology, Neurobiology, Neurosurgery

Barbara Burtness, MD
Medical Oncology

*Lloyd Cantley, MD
Internal Medicine (Nephrology), Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Anees Chagpar, MD
Surgery (Breast Center)

Sarwat Chaudry, MD
General Internal Medicine

*Keith Choate, MD/PhD
Dermatology, Genetics, Pathology

*Todd Constable, PhD
Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, Neurosurgery

*Joseph Craft
Internal Medicine (Rheumatology), Immunobiology

Eyiyemisi Damisah, MD

* Alan Dardik, MD/PhD
Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Amanda M. Dettmer, PhD
Child Study Center

*Gail D'Onofrio, MD, MS
Emergency Medicine

*Marie Egan, MD
Pediatrics, Cellular & Molecular Physiology

*Patrick Gallagher, MD, BS
Genetics, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Pathology

*John Geibel, DSc, MD, AGAF, MS, FRS
Surgery (Gastrointestinal), Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Jaime Grutzendler, MD

*David Hafler, MD
Neurology, Immunobiology

Erica Herzog, MD/PhD
Pathology; Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

*Elizabeth Jonas, MD
Internal Medicine (Endocrinology), Neuroscience

*Mustafa Khokha, MD
Pediatrics (Critical Care), Genetics

*Albert Ko, MD
Epidemiology (Microbial Pathogenesis), Internal Medicine (Infectious Diseases)

Alexandra Lansky , MD, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI, FESC
Internal Medicine (Cardiology)

Francis Y. Lee, MD, PhD, FAAOS
Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

Mandar Deepak Muzumdar, MD
Medical Oncology

*Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MHS
Internal Medicine (General), Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases)

Kieran O'Donnell, Phd
Yale Child Study Center, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

*Elijah Paintsil, MBChB
Pediatrics (Infectious Disease), Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases), Pharmacology

Abhijeet Patel, Md, PhD
Therapeutic Radiology

Imran Quraishi, MD, PhD

Helena Rutherford, PhD
Child Study Center

Lauren Sansing, MD, MS, FAHA, FANA
Immunobiology, Neurology

Kevin Sheth, MD
Neurology, Neurosurgery

*Gerald Shulman, MD/PhD
Internal Medicine (Endocrinology), Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Albert Sinusas, MD
Internal Medicine (Cardiology), Diagnostic Imaging

*Stefan Somlo, MD
Internal Medicine (Nephrology), Genetics

David Stitelman, MD
Pediatric Surgery

*Hugh Taylor, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jeffrey Testani, MD, mTR
Cardiovascular Medicine

Silvia Vilarinho, MD, PhD
Digestive Diseases, Pathology

John Wysolmerski, MD
Internal Medicine (Endocrinology)