Time and Funding Available for Research

Practically all students begin research work during the summer following their first year. During the summer of 2019, 78 (of 84) first year medical students remained in New Haven to work with faculty members on a wide variety of projects and received the NIH pre-doctoral stipend for three months. Many students continue their research work part-time in the afternoons, evening and weekends during the second year of medical school. In September 2015 the curriculum was revised whereby the first year and one half (excluding the summer between 1st and 2nd year which is reserved for research) is focused on an integrated organ-based curriculum with required clerkships beginning in January of the second year and continuing until January of the 3rd year.   A major advantage of this curriculum revision is that the last 17 months are free for research and other activities (from January of the third year until graduation). Thus, a total of 10 to 12 months are currently available for research by each Yale student during the traditional four years of medical school.

A reminder: Data collection can take many months. Additional time is then needed for data analysis, thesis (or manuscript) preparation, submission, and revision (in the case of manuscripts accepted for publication).

Stipends are available to support summer research and all other periods when full-time research is performed. Financial support is not provided for writing the thesis.

Students are discouraged from beginning their thesis work at another institution during the summer between the first and second year. Students who conduct research the summer after their first year at another institution are responsible for obtaining ½ (50%) of your funding from the other institution. You should be certain to have a Yale sponsor before you complete the arrangements at the other school because this Yale faculty sponsor will need to approve your application for 50% funding and will give advice if this work is ultimately used for your thesis and will have the thesis reviewed in his or her department at Yale. This funding restriction does not apply to research carried out at another institution after the summer of the first year.