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Thesis Binding Information for Students

Copy and Binding Services

We are pleased to inform you that the cost of binding one MD thesis (up to $85) at Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS) will be paid by the School of Medicine from the Student Activity Fund. 

We recommend copying the thesis yourself on any printer (color may be needed for figures in color) and then taking the thesis yourself for binding to Yale Printing and Publishing.

1. Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS)- Binding
YPPS will bind all medical student theses.  YPPS is located at 344 Winchester Avenue, New Haven, telephone, 203-432-6560.  The cost of binding a medical school thesis at YPPS is $85 (dark blue or black cover with gold stamped letters).

The School of Medicine will cover the cost of binding one MD thesis ($85) at YPPS. 
The cost of printing a thesis at YPPS is extra and there are specific instructions to print a copy of the thesis in addition to binding (see # 2 below) at YPPS. We suggest students print a copy of the thesis and bring it directly to YPPS as to not incur any out of pocket costs.  Students can print their thesis on standard 8.5 by 11 in. copy paper (20 lb. weight).  

Binding a thesis at YPPS:

i. YPPS will bill the School of Medicine directly for binding one MD thesis.  There is no out of pocket expense for students for binding costs at YPPS. YPPS has instructions on the specifics of the front cover and spine (see images on the following page) Please include printouts that contain information for the front cover and information for the spine when you submit your thesis for binding to YPPS. 
ii. YPPS will deliver the hardbound thesis to the Office of Student Research. (Students are responsible to submit the Yale School of Medicine MD Thesis Depositor’s Declaration Form to the Office of Student Research.  This form is available in the Office of Student Research and in the “Medical Student Research Program and the Yale M.D. Thesis Requirement: Guide for Students and Faculty Sponsors”.

2. Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS)- Printing in addition to Binding – Charges in addition to binding cost apply

In addition to binding a thesis, YPPS also offers copy services.  Students should submit files to YPPS that include the complete thesis, and a separate file with the front cover and spine information. Instructions for printing a thesis at YPPS 
i. Go to URL:
ii. Choose WALK-IN.
iii. You should see a screen that offers Thesis Printing.

After YPPS prints the thesis, the student is required to physically go to YPPS to proof the copy before YPPS binds the thesis.

Copy Services Only:
Name Address Telephone Number
Goodcopy 110 Hamilton Street 203-624-0194
DocuPrint 27 Whitney Avenue 203-776-6000 

Please note that medical students have three weeks from the date they are notified by the Department Thesis Chair that the thesis is approved to submit one final hard bound copy to the Office of Student Research. Please contact the Office of Student Research if binding will take more than three weeks, and we will work with you.

Cover information

Cover sample

When submitting to YPPS, student must provide the following information on a separate sheet regarding cover print:

1. Thesis title

2. Student name

3. Year