Student Testimonials

"The program provided an interesting environment for personal growth. The academic side of the program was beneficial, but I believe that I learned the most from the people with whom I was in contact and the environment into which we were placed."

"I learned a lot from my writing class and my problem solving sessions. It was a wonderful experience, and I'd come back in a heartbeat."

"I grew as a person, and I feel I now know what I want out of life and what will make me happy in the future."

"The program made me think about what I want out of life. I realized the need to plan ahead. I have always been indifferent to social issues; now I'm more interested in finding out what goes on around me not jut because it would help in terms of the MCAT essays, but because I didn't know much about the countries different students come from. I realized the need to improve on my communication skills."

"The most positive aspect of the program was the fact that all of the staff was concerned about me and my growth and development (for all of us really, but I could feel it on an individual level as well)."

"The most positive aspect of the program for me were the various opportunities for networking with Yale Faculty/Staff and fellow SMDEP participants. I have met various individuals that can provide me with information to attain my goals, such as information about other programs, scholarships and research opportunities. But most importantly, I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge on how to become a successful, competitive applicant to medical school."

"Coming from a commuter state college, I really haven't had a chance to make the kinds of friends I made at SMDEP. I learned a lot about people, about myself, and about the career I am heading to. I met doctors that I will remember as role models and was a part of a different atmosphere that helped me to learn more about various cultures."

"From interacting with so many bright students and living in the Yale community, I am more motivated to go home and work very hard at my studies. I am now more intrigued by medicine because I have a more realistic view of what it entails and not just an idealized conception."

"The bonds of friendship that were formed with students, the a administrative staff, faculty and physicians. People were so warm, friendly and accommodating. While the program has been a great experience as far as exposure, lectures, curriculum, etc. I will remember SMDEP because of the people. This was an experience that I will always treasure."

"Seeing other intelligent minorities was the most encouraging part of the program. I was surrounded by so much love and talent from all over the country. Seeing my peers everyday has inspired me to continue towards my medical career goal."

"The part of the program that helped me was how I was able to learn and grow on my own. Those who did not get anything out of the program put nothing in."

"The most positive aspect for me personally was the chance to be enriched in the knowledge of the medical field. I've never learned so much on how the whole process worked until now. I am more than thankful that this site accepted me and allowed me to be in the company of some of the most amazing students I've ever met."

"I know now what I need to do and where I need to go."

"The part of the program that helped me was how I was able to learn and grow on my own. Those who did not get anything out of the program put nothing in."

"It gave me a chance to be with other students with the same drive and goal. Hopefully as a result I won't make the same mistakes and have picked up a few good habits and ideas. It allowed me to explore different areas of the medical field and the science field. It allowed me to see exactly what it's going to take to be a doctor and the kind of things that make a good doctor. I think I really expanded my mind, my options, my collection of friends and points of view. Thanks! I'm very grateful to have been a part of this program."