Science Collaborative Hands on Learning and Research

The Yale-Career Partnership brings together Hill Regional Career High School, a regional magnet high school in New Haven, CT, with Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Nursing in a collaborative educational partnership.

The Partnership sponsors programs that give Career HS students and teachers access to the resources and facilities of Yale University and Yale Medical Center. One such program is SCHOLAR, a residential summer science program at Yale for Career High School students.

SCHOLAR is a summer residential science academic program conducted on the Yale College campus for pre-sophomore, junior, and senior Career High School students. Students participate in small group problem-based learning science modules with hands-on laboratory research lead by Yale faculty. SCHOLAR students also participate in rigorous academic programs in writing and SAT/college preparation. SCHOLAR students are selected competitively following their freshman year and continue for as many as three successive summers. SCHOLAR graduates are noteworthy for their high level of academic achievement and successful application to competitive colleges and universities throughout the country.

SCHOLAR began in 1998 and has been supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Yale University. SCHOLAR and other Yale-Career Partnership programs are administered by the Public School Partnership of the Yale University Office of New Haven and State Affairs in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Other programs of the Yale-Career Partnership provide opportunities for Career HS students majoring in health sciences to participate in anatomy/physiology laboratory courses and structured internship and mentorship programs on the medical school campus.


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