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Student Groups

Addiction Medicine Collaborative

The mission of Addiction Medicine Collaborative (AMC) is to collaboratively promote and enhance professional and public education concerning substance use, to promote and foster the interests of medical students, health professionals and advocates for substance use assistance and recovery and to promote scholarly inquiry concerning substance use disorders as they impact health care professionals and the public whom we serve.

Contact: Hannah Batchelor
American Medical Student Association

We see opportunities to reshape medicine as future physicians. Our vision is a world where health care is accessible, medicine is affordable and systems support the diversity we see around us. We’re the next generation of physicians, leaders and change agents. Seventy years strong, with roughly 30,000 active members all across the globe, AMSA is a student-led, national association that exists to cultivate, inspire and inform medical students.

Contact: Anishaa Sivakumar, Chaney Kalinich, Baylee Bakkila, and Stacy Uchendu
American Physician Scientist Assocation

The mission of APSA is to be a voice for physician-scientist trainees at all levels. APSA aims to help physician-scientist trainees realize their educational and professional goals in an organization free from harassment or discrimination based on gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion.

Contact: Kerrie Greene, Anush Swaminathan, Deanne Yugawa, Sisi Zheng, Sydney Green, and Duy Phan

Anatomy Teaching Program (ATP)

ATP is a science enrichment program in which YSM students teach basic anatomy to high school students from Hill Regional Career High School. Activities range from observation of dissected cadavers to examination of slides in histology laboratories to exploration of virtual anatomy iBooks.

Contact: Ryan Bahar, Daniel Thompson, and Ami Mange
Anesthesiology Interest Group

Our mission is to educate medical students about the diverse research and patient-care options in anesthesiology.

Contact: Luying Yan and Aishwarya Pillai
Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA)

The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) is a student-run organization that aims to raise interest in Asian American and Pacific Islander (APIA) culture. Our goals include providing a platform for medical students to engage with unique health challenges present in APIA communities and providing care for APIA communities in a culturally sensitive manner. APAMSA also hopes to promote the well-being of APIA medical students, faculty, and health-workers and create a community that facilitates the exchange of experiences/information in a personal and professional manner.

Contact: Justin Zhu and Thomas Huang
Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) is committed to supporting women surgeons at various stages in their career – from medical school through retirement. AWS offers our members programs and services to: ENGAGE current and future women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals. EMPOWER women to succeed. EXCEL in those aspirations through mentorship, education and a networking community that promotes their contributions and achievements as students, surgeons, and leaders.

Contact: Tagan Rohrbaugh and Keyuree Satam
Bioethics Interest Group

The student-run Bioethics Interest Group offers a monthly forum for medical, nursing and physician assistant students at Yale University School of Medicine to explore issues related to ethics in the training, practice, governance, history and philosophy of medicine. The group offers educational seminars, advocates for the medical ethics in the greater Yale community and facilitates medical students’ participation in the ethical life of the medical center and university at large.

Contact: Jafar Al Souz, Anush Swaminathan, Jovan Lopez, Justin Zhu, and Kevin Hu,
Biomedical Innovation Club

As a club we play a central role in expanding of the footprint of entrepreneurship on campus and in promoting health innovation at YSM. Members have the chance to work closely with leading faculty in entrepreneurship at YSM, the School of Management, the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, the Yale Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology (CBIT) and at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, in addition to collaborating with students from other schools who are equally passionate about entrepreneurship. Members help to lead and participate in the annual Yale Health Hackathon, the product of a close collaboration with MIT’s Hacking Health program, and work directly with the top entrepreneurs behind the program. Members also help organize the physician pitch night in collaboration with the School of Management and Yale New Haven Hospital.

Contact: Victor Lee, Amber King, and Brett Gu
Cancer Student Interest Group

The Cancer Student Interest Group (CSIG) works closely with the Yale Cancer Center to expose students to oncology and the oncological subspecialties. We coordinate events that connect students with faculty mentors, ongoing research, and clinical experiences.

Contact: Rachel Jaber-Chehayeb, Nicole Odzer, CJ Puzo, and Ruchi Gupta

Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group

Our mission is to help foster interest, encourage involvement and further education in thoracic and cardiac surgery for medical students. The Integrated CT surgery program is still very new and we would like to introduce its advantages as a residency program to incoming medical students who may not be aware that such program exists.

Contact: Michael Shang
Cell Therapy Interest Group

Our mission is to educate and engage in dialogue on the development of cellular therapy, current therapies and emerging research in commercial and clinical settings. Topics will include therapeutic applications of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and CAR T-cell therapy. Activities will include seminars led by expert faculty, interactive sessions, and exposure to ongoing pre-clinical studies for cell therapies.

Contact: Josiah Sherman, Julia Wolfe, Tyler Jensen, and Aishwarya Nene
Donald J. Cohen Mentorship Program / Child Psychiatry Interest Group

The Donald J. Cohen Mentorship Program / Child Psychiatry Interest Group is designed to expose medical students to the field of child development and psychiatry. We strive to foster an interest in pediatric medicine and psychiatry through a variety of events, as well as through mentoring relationships with physicians in the Child Psychiatry Department.

Contact: Idil Yazgan, Harry Doernberg, and Rebecca Marks
Committee on the Wellbeing of Students

The Committee on the Wellbeing of Students (CWBS) is a student-run group that is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of the student body at Yale School of Medicine. Students are able to define what wellness is for them and, in support, YSM sponsors an array of activities.

Contact: Julia Schaffer and Tamar Kaminski
Computational Biomedicine Interest Group

This group allows members to explore their interests in computational biomedicine. Our meetings involve discussing computational biomedical research (including omics research, medical genomics, epidemiology, and computational modeling) and spotlighting individual student projects on these topics. We will also have computational workshops with experts in the field.

Contact: Amy Zhao, Maryam Zekavat, and Shanin Chowdhury
Critical Care Medicine Student Interest Group (CCM-SIG)

The Yale CCM-SIG is aimed to provide clinical and research exposure to the interdisciplinary field of Critical Care Medicine. Whether it's the Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Pediatric ICU, Neuro ICU, or Neonatal ICU, CCM-SIG provides insight into the work of critical care teams, and the various academic pathways leading to a career as a critical care intensivist. The CCM-SIG also provides shadowing opportunities, hands-on workshops in critical care skills such as intubation and bedside ultrasound, and faculty lectures surrounding important topics in ICUs such as mechanical ventilation, sepsis, and cutting edge research and technology.

Contact: Angela Liu, Salah Eldein Elkattawy , and Emily Chang
Cushing Society

The mission of the Cushing Society is to foster a direct educational and research interface between Yale undergraduates and medical students with neurosurgery residents and faculty. To accomplish this, the Cushing Society is dedicated to: 1.) Building a mentoring network and community that spans all levels of neurosurgical training and interest, allowing students access to work closely with neurosurgeons and scientists. 2.) Connecting interested, dedicated students to basic science and clinical neurosurgery laboratories to spearhead research projects aimed at pushing our field forward.

Contact: Danielle Miyagishima, Stefano Daniele, Marcus Valcarce-Aspegren, August Allocco, and Ben Reeves
Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) is dedicated to facilitating and inspiring interest in the field of Dermatology among medical students by promoting educational events, providing mentorship opportunities, encouraging interest in research, and pursuing service activities.

Contact: Madisen Swallow, Annika Belzer, and Shaman Bhullar
Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group

We are an interest group aimed at helping medical students learn more about diagnostic radiology through shadowing, small workshop sessions, and other hands-on activities!

Contact: Elisa Berson, Divya Ramakrishnan, and Ryan Bahar
Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Our mission is to expose medical students to the field of emergency medicine through a series of events, including lectures, lunch/dinner talks, hands-on activities, and nationwide conferences.

Contact: Justin Goodwin, Sophia Gamez
Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG) exists to support students interested in global health issues, going abroad, collaborating with international students and faculty, research, and obtaining the Global Health Certificate.

Contact: Amy Thomas and Brian Fleischer
Global Surgery Interest Group

The Global Surgery Interest Group (GSIG) aims to expose students to the work being done in global surgery. Our group supports students going abroad, engaging in research, attending conferences, and collaborating with with students and faculty, both domestically and internationally.

Contact: Sumaiya Sayeed and Michael Gouzoulis

HAVEN Free Clinic

The HAVEN Free Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic that partners with Yale University to provide the New Haven community access to comprehensive, high-quality health care free of charge. Our model is unique because we include members across various disciplines in health care, including medicine, nursing, physician’s associate programs, and public health. For more information about the clinic, please visit, or contact with questions!

Contact: Shareen Asif
History, Humanities, and Health Working Group

Our mission is to foster an interdisciplinary environment where health professional students, graduate students, clinicians, and historians can discuss the political, cultural, and social dimensions of the medical profession through a historical lens.

Contact: Pavithra Vijayakumar, Sydney Green, Maya Sandler, Marco Ramos, Nientara Anderson, and Deborah Streahle
Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

The purpose of the Internal Medicine Interest Group is to facilitate the exploration and interest in internal medicine among medical students. We value connecting medical students to potential mentors and giving them the opportunity to learn from their peers who are pursuing internal medicine.

Contact: Fouad Chouairi and Stephen Lee
Interventional Radiology Interest Group

The Interventional Radiology Interest Group is a student organization that aims to expose medical students to the diverse and evolving practice and training in interventional radiology. We also assist students in connecting with potential mentors for shadowing and research opportunities.

Contact: Shin Mei Chan and Alex Moushey
Jewish Medical Student Association

Welcome to the Maimonides Society, which is a Jewish Medical Student Association for the Yale School of Medicine. The Maimonides Society aims to welcome and support students by creating a Jewish community and family. Over the course of the year, we hold classes, events, dinners, holiday parties, and philanthropic events. The Maimonides Society supports our members by helping in any way we can including connecting students to clergy, learning opportunities, services, etc on the Yale campus. The Maimonides Society continues to evolve and pursue the current students' passions from medical ethics to Jewish education.

Contact: Scott Halperin and Joshua Glahn

MagicAid is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing kind and compassionate care to pediatric patients through the art of magic.

Contact: Harry Newman-Plotnick and Dr. Harrison Pravder
Medical Education Interest Group

We are an organization composed of medical students and faculty members with an interest in developing our skills as medical educators and medical education scholars. Our group serves as an umbrella organization to connect members to medical education opportunities throughout the 4+ years of medical school, to facilitate interactions between students, residents and faculty mentors, and to develop formal and informal medical education programs. MedEd collaborates closely with the Office of Education, the Teaching and Learning Center, and the Yale School of Medicine. Through the encouragement of skill development, scholarship, leadership, and mentorship, MedEd hopes to contribute to the increasing status of medical education at Yale.

Contact: Madisen Swallow, Ryan Bahar, Eric Li, and August Allocco
Medical Mandarin Interest Group

The Medical Mandarin Interest Group (MMIG) is dedicated to helping students develop their Mandarin skills in an effort to provide the best possible care to an increasingly diverse patient population.

Contact: Brett Gu and Neil Zheng
Medical Students for Choice

Medical Students for Choice is a national organization of medical students and residents seeking to integrate abortion training and comprehensive family planning education into the curriculum and trains students to be leaders in women’s healthcare. Yale’s chapter of MSFC is a community of people who share these goals as well as collaborate with local activists to secure comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care for all.

Contact: Callie Ginapp, Leslie Wang, and Maya Deshmukh
Medicine and Religion Interest Group

The Medicine and Religion Interest Group fosters dialogue about the interplay between religion and medicine among students and faculty at Yale University and beyond. We collaborate across departments and schools in the research of religion and medicine and translate and disseminate the fruits of research in order to foster mutual understanding and improve patient care.

Contact: Sofia Lapides-Wilson and Jane Abbottsmith

Murmurs is a student-run literary journal that publishes poetry, visual art, and prose every year.

Contact: Erika Chang-Sing and Muzz Mohammad
Music and Medicine

Music and Medicine seeks to create a musical community within Yale's medical community dedicated to exploring music and its connections to medicine. Comprised of healers-in-training, our organization recognizes that healing is not merely an objective science, but also an art, and that music, as a form of nonverbal communication and a platform for emotions, is remarkable for its therapeutic power. We seek to bring the healing effect of music to a diverse body of patients in the greater New Haven area through monthly performances at hospitals, nursing homes, addiction clinics, and other health facilities. In addition, by offering opportunities for musical expression, collaboration, and enjoyment, we hope to foster the development of the humanity, artistry, and subjective sensitivity essential to become holistic healers.

Contact: Angela Liu, Amanda Zhou, Harry Doernberg, or Akin Sogunro
Neighborhood Health Project

The primary mission of the Neighborhood Health Project (NHP) is to 1) improve access to healthcare and 2) provide free screenings and education about hypertension and diabetes for underserved, low-income individuals in the New Haven community. NHP is located at The Episcopal Church of St. Paul and St. James, 57 Olive Street and is held Saturdays from 8:30am -10:30am.

Contact: Jessica Ainooson and Kedous Mekbib
OB/GYN Interest Group

The OB/GYN Interest Group strives to educate students about issues related to all areas in the field of OB/GYN and women's health, including maternal-fetal medicine, fertility, reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology, family planning, as well as urogynecology and pelvic surgery. We seek to inspire health students to pursue research and clinical opportunities in the field.

Contact: Nora O'Neill, Nishita Pondugula, and Amber Acquaye
Ophthalmology Interest Group

The Ophthalmology Interest Group is a student group that provides our peers with experiences in the field beyond the regular curriculum.

Contact: Maryam Zekavat, Elton Zhou, Ben Steren
Ophthalmology Screening Initiative

The Ophthalmology Screening Initiative is an organization that screens patients for common ophthalmologic diseases.

Contact: Maryam Zekavat, Elton Zhou, and Ben Steren

OutPatient is Yale School of Medicine’s affinity group for LGBTQIA+ students. We facilitate the social connection among LGBTQIA+ students and pursue initiatives to increase clinical knowledge in the greater YSM community.

Contact: Abriana Tasillo
Palliative Care Scholars (PCS)

The Yale School of Medicine Palliative Care Scholars interest group provides a space for health professional students to explore principles of interdisciplinary supportive care. We strive to emphasize the importance of these principles in all areas of medicine, not only in the fields of palliative care or hospice, and provide meaningful interactions with a variety of professionals engaged in supporting patients through challenging medical and/or social situations.

Contact: June Criscione, Stephanie Tu, Nadia Saeed, Hemali Shah, and Harry Doernberg
Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG)

The Pediatrics Interest Group is a student group dedicated to fostering and developing the interests of students in the field of pediatrics. We hope to give students the opportunity to interact with faculty across a range of pediatric specialties through small-group speaker series events, research presentations, and shadowing opportunities, and thereby expose students to the many ways in which they can care for children as physicians.

Contact: Rachel Levinson, Shash Kala, Caroline Valdez, and Teimur Kayani
Physician-Administration Collaborative

The Physician-Administration Collaborative (PACt) aims to bridge the gap between clinicians and administrators and equip medical students to become physician-administrators. PACt strives to expose students to the essential operations that keep healthcare services running, including the challenges that both physicians and administrators face in navigating the system. Activities include a speaker series with administrators, mentorship on physician-administrator career paths, and opportunities to join studies and projects related to administrative efficiency.

Contact: Ragini Luthra, Justin Zhu , and Amber Acquaye
Physicians for Social Responsibility

The PSR Yale School of Medicine Student Chapter aims to promote human health in Connecticut and the New Haven community by addressing pollution and climate change through education, service and advocacy.

Contact: Rachel Hennein, Will Hancock-Cerutti , and Sadie Meller
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRSIG)

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRSIG) is an organization designed to introduce medical students to the small but fascinating field of plastic surgery and its myriad subspecialties. PRSIG exists to connect students interested in pursuing a career in plastic surgery with faculty mentors and current residents, research opportunities, and help develop residency applications.

Contact: Josh Glahn
PM&R Interest Group

The mission of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Interest Group is to raise awareness of the field of PM&R, engage medical students and health professionals in the community at large, and foster skill development in research and hands-on skills pertaining to the field. These goals are met by establishing clinical shadowing programs, hosting guest speakers, holding hands-on workshops, collaborating with neighboring schools, and more.

Contact: Nora O'Neill, Stephen Gillinov, and Emily Park
Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Interest Group

Our mission is to expand student education in POCUS through a peer education curriculum. We also support various student engagements in POCUS through research, academic collaboration, mentorship, and attendance in national conferences.

Contact: Erika Chang-Sing and Samip Kafle

Precision Medicine Interest Group (PSIG)

PMIG is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting student education and interests in precision medicine – a rapidly evolving, multidisciplinary field that seeks to tailor therapeutic and preventative care. Throughout the academic year, we will organize talks and panels from leaders in the field to help students to explore clinical, research, and career opportunities in precision medicine.

Contact: Neil Zheng and Philip Adejumo

Prenatal Partners

Yale Prenatal Partners aims to pair health professional students with expectant mothers who desire additional social support through their pregnancy with the goal of enhancing the expectant mother’s perceived social support while also providing students with a longitudinal experience throughout the prenatal stage and into the postpartum period. Students will accompany the expectant mother to prenatal visits and classes, as well as the delivery, as desired by the mother. We hope through this experience that expectant mothers and students are able to develop a meaningful partnership and that students deepen their understanding of the medical, social, and economic factors that influence pregnancy.

Contact: Erin Silva, Chandler McMillan , and Alyssa Morrison

Radiation Oncology Interest Group

ROIG aims to improve student awareness of Radiation Oncology and to provide research and clinical opportunities for those interested in learning more about and/or pursuing the field.

Contact: Nadia Saeed, Victor Lee, Rachel Choi, and Enoch Chang


Founded in 1991 by William H. Rosenblatt, Yale Professor of Anesthesiology, REMEDY is a group of health care professionals and others promoting the nationwide practice of recovery of exposed-but-unused surgical supplies. The end goal of our mission is to provide international medical relief while reducing solid medical waste from US hospitals.

Contact: Patricia Bunda and Tagan Rohrbaugh

Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic (SAFE)

SAFE is a national organization of doctors, medical students and health care providers dedicated to eliminating the United States firearm epidemic through research, policy reform and education. The Yale Chapter of SAFE holds an annual Stop the Bleed Training, hosts policy-focused talks by Yale Faculty, and collaborates with Solutions to End Incarceration Can Create Health Equity (SEICHE).

Contact: Gabe Weininger and Osman Moneer

Space Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

The Space Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) aims to promote our understanding of the unique medical challenges associated with spaceflight, connect students with aerospace medicine research opportunities, and foster future leaders in the field who will advance the frontiers of manned spaceflight. SMIG provides students with the exciting opportunity to enroll in the Space Medicine Seminar, an elective for Yale medical students that meets monthly. The course focuses on the physiological implications of aerospace travel, the medical challenges of human spaceflight, and medicine’s role in the human space program. The schedule aligns with the pre-clerkship curriculum so physiological systems will be covered at the same time they are covered in lecture and anatomy. Each session is led by two students who facilitate discussion of relevant chapters in the text, Fundamentals of Space Medicine. In addition, SMIG sponsors skills building events such as an Ultrasound Workshop to learn diagnostic techniques relevant in resource-limited settings.

Contact: Laurel Kaye
Stamp Out Stroke

Stamp Out Stroke is a community service organization that aims to provide stroke education in New Haven and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to teaching our community how to recognize signs of stroke, reduce stroke risk factors, and receive prompt care. Our activities include giving educational lectures, fundraising, and enacting other community outreach efforts.

Contact: Justin Zhu and Cindy Khanh Nguyen
Student Interest Group in Neurology/Neurosurgery (SIGN)

SIGN fosters medical student interest in the fields of neurology by providing opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities.

Contact: Cynthia Lo
Student National Medical Association/Latino Medical Student Association (SNMA/LMSA)

We are a student group committed to combating inequity in our profession & improving the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in medicine.

Contact: Amber Acquaye and Daniel Colon-Rios

Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students (SHS), established in 2001 and administered by the Office of Education, is the program that oversees upper class students who provide organized, supplemental didactic sessions for younger students. Through review, study techniques and problem sets, upper class students help junior students navigate the science curriculum and manage their time. We run problem-solving sessions using first-hand experience and knowledge, and stress group learning as key to success in the Yale System. Sessions are conducted throughout the year and focus on the whole first and second year curriculum.

Contact: Julia Eisen
The Ultrasounds!

As YSM’s co-ed a cappella group, the Ultrasounds aims to bring the joy of music to the medical school campus. We aim to provide an environment where singers of varying levels of experience, from shower singers to classically trained choral singers, can come together in their love of music. In addition to the known benefits of group singing on the brain, we believe that the Ultrasounds provides a unique opportunity for medical students to explore how musical expression contributes to healing.

Contact: Christina Lepore
Urology Interest Group

We host events with the Department of Urology and introduce students to research and opportunities within urology.

Contact: David Kim, James Nie and Walter Hsiang
US Health Justice Collaborative

The U.S. Health Justice Collaborative is an interdisciplinary student group created in 2015 to build upon the work started within the USHJ Course. The three main goals of the collaborative are to strengthen relationships between health professional students at Yale who are committed to domestic health equity; to deepen awareness about injustices that exist between patients and providers, between providers and other providers, and between healthcare institutions and the communities they serve; and to partner with the New Haven community to understand and contribute to advocacy efforts promoting health equity in the city.

Contact: Isaiah Thomas, Callie Ginapp, Autumn Nobles,Ellelan Degife, and Chinye Ijeli
Women in Medicine (WIM)

To promote the academic growth of women in medicine and medical sciences.

Contact: Ruchi Gupta, Nicole Odzer and Rebecca Marks
Writer's Workshop

The Writer's Workshop is for writing enthusiasts, pen-wringing pros, and the curious soul. Learn writing tips and techniques. Give and receive feedback in a low-stress, small group setting. Explore the power of words in medicine. Sessions are led and mentored by published physician-writer Lorence Gutterman.

Contact: Amy Rushing
Yale Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization (AMSRO)

We are Yale's chapter of AMSRO, the Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization. AMSRO is part of the larger Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA), which is the world's largest organization dedicated to aerospace medicine. We invite all Yale medical students to join us! We offer valuable networking opportunities through speaker series, scholarships, conference participation, and connecting with AMSRO and AsMA members across the world. Whether you're an aspiring spaceflight surgeon or completely new to this fun specialty, this group has something to offer to everyone. NOTE: Due to administrative constraints, participation in this group is limited to medical students; residents will not be able to join.

Contact: Ami Mange, Haleigh Larson, Julia Eisen, and Mansen Yu

Yale Hands-On Pathology

Yale Hands-On Pathology (YHOP) aims to promote interest in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology by providing students with hands-on experiences led by Yale faculty and trainees. Examples of our interactive events include bone marrow biopsy simulation, participation in autopsy, microscopy training, blood bank tours, and brain slicing.

Contact: Dennis Caruana
Yale Health Policy Interest Group

To increase exposure to the field of health policy; foster connections with experts in the field; and encourage students to build skillsets that may help them in future health policy careers.

Contact: Emily Gudbranson and Keval Desai
Yale Health Professions Christian Fellowship

The Yale Health Professionals Christian Fellowship (YHPCF) is a student-run interdenominational Christian group composed of students, faculty, and others affiliated with the medical, nursing, public health, and physician assistant programs and local hospitals. We are united by our common desire to know Jesus Christ and to apply our faith in the health professions.

Contact: Kevin Hu, Patricia Bunda , Emily Park , and Elizabeth Woo
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM)

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM) is a PubMed-indexed, open access, quarterly journal edited by Yale medical, graduate, and professional students and peer reviewed by an extensive network of experts in the fields of biology and medicine. The Journal aims to showcase outstanding research articles from all areas of biology and medicine, to publish significant case reviews, and to provide both perspectives on personal experiences in medicine and reviews of the current state of biology and medicine. Any graduate, medical, or professional student that is interested in joining our Editorial Board should contact us for opportunities.

Contact: Kate Woodford

Yale Med FC (Intramural Soccer Team)

Yale Med FC is the official intramural soccer team of YSM. On Sundays in the Fall and Spring, we compete against (and beat) other graduate and professional schools while showing off our shots, blocks, crosses, and chest traps.

Contact: Justin Zhu, Samer Hassan, Pablo Delis and Adrian Acuna Higaki
Yale Med Muslim Students Association

The Yale Med Muslim Students Association serves to create a community for Muslim students to share their faith and to discuss the intersection of Islam and the practice of medicine.

Contact: Hanya Qureshi
Yale Medical Student Psychiatric Association

Yale Medical Student Psychiatry Association (YMSPA) is a student interest group that seeks to foster interest in the field of psychiatry through events bringing faculty and students from Yale School of Medicine together. Events are typically presentations followed by discussion of a wide range of topics pertinent to the field of psychiatry.

Contact: Gabi Campos and Niroop Rajashekar

Yale Orthopaedics Interest Group (OIG)

Mission: We are a group of medical students who aim to provide our peers with exposure to orthopaedics beyond that found in the standard curriculum. Our objectives are provide early exposure to orthopaedics in the preclinical years, help students identify clinical mentors and research opportunities within orthopaedics, and organize research and residency resources available to students.

Contact: Sisi Zheng, Justin Zhu, and Stephen Gillinov

Yale Otolaryngology Interest Group (YOTO)

Our mission is to foster interest in otolaryngology among medical students at Yale and facilitate career exploration through research, clinical experience, and faculty interaction.

Contact: Samip Kafle and Amrita Singh
Yale Patient Navigator Program

We are a student collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine (MD and PA) and the Yale School of Nursing (YSN) committed to supporting patients in our community. Working with predominantly refugee patients from the Primary Care Center and St. Raphael’s Campus, we work to address social and economic barriers to healthcare and help patients with housing, food insecurity, transportation, and more. Paired with individuals and families, navigators develop longitudinal relationships with their patients, working alongside them to learn about agencies and organizations in the Greater New Haven area to ensure their success within the healthcare system and the community.

Contact: Justin Zhu, Christina Stanton , Cindy Khanh Nguyen, Marissa Chantorn, and Mark Dibbs

Yale School of Milage

Yale School of Mileage strives to provide a supportive community for runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, etc. at YSM. We promote health and fitness and provide participatory events for people at all ability levels.

Contact: Sisi Zheng, Shin Mei Chan and John Havlik
Yale Surgery Interest Group

YSIG is an organization for Yale Medical School students interested in exploring careers in surgery and its subspecialties. With support from the Department of Surgery, students are afforded the opportunity to become junior members of the surgical community.

Contact: Nensi Ruzgar, Sam Boroumand , and Nancy Park
Yale Trivia Team

Our goal is to create an environment that allows student to access information from previous experiences that lies dormant during medial studies.

Contact: Lake Crawford and Gabe Weininger
Yale Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Interest Group (VESIG)

The Yale Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Interest Group (VESIG) provides medical students with early exposure to the specialty of vascular surgery. Medical students are also afforded the opportunity to integrate into the specialty in the form of research projects, clinical exposure and simulation activities early in their medical career.

Contact: Shin Mei Chan or Keyuree Satam

More Information about VESIG

Yale Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

Our goal is to create a network of medical students and physicians all interested in wilderness medicine.

Contact: John Andrews or Astrid Hengartner
YSM Students for a National Health Program

YSM Students for a National Health Program is the Yale chapter of the national SNaHP organization (the student arm of Physicians for a National Health Program). Our group provides a space for medical students to organize advocacy and discuss different policy solutions to the issue of healthcare access in the US (including but not limited to single-payer)..

Contact: Justin Halloran