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Current Student Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction Medicine Collaborative

The mission of Addiction Medicine Collaborative (AMC) is to collaboratively promote and enhance professional and public education concerning substance use, to promote and foster the interests of medical students, health professionals and advocates for substance use assistance and recovery and to promote scholarly inquiry concerning substance use disorders as they impact health care professionals and the public whom we serve.

Contact: Lindsay Eysenbach and Nicolas Muñoz

The AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) strives to be the medical students' leading voice for improving medical education and advocating for the future of medicine.

Contact: Michael Amick, Ann Johnson, Chandler McMillan, Tanvee Varma, and Vickie Wang
American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

AMWA is a local, regional, and national organization that promotes the advancement of women in medicine and women's health.

Contact: Linna Duan, Cynthia Tsay, and Amanda Lu
Anatomy Teaching Program (ATP)

Through ATP, YSM students teach basic anatomy to high school students from Hill Regional Career High School. Because we use the actual donors/cadavers from the medical school's anatomy lab, the high school students are given a unique opportunity to explore the human body in an engaging and hands-on way.

Contact: Divya Ramakrishnan, Lake Crawford, Vickie Wang, Mariana Almeida, and Alysha Rose
Anesthesiology Interest Group

Our mission is to educate medical students about the diverse research and patient-care options in anesthesiology.

Contact: Amanda Zhou and Isaac Freedman
Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA)

We are an organization of Asian American and Pacific Islander American (APIA) medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of APIA communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service, and to providing support, mentorship, and community for APIA students at the Yale School of Medicine.

Contact: Dana Lee, Tho Tran, and Vickie Wang
Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) is committed to supporting women surgeons at various stages in their career – from medical school through retirement. AWS offers our members programs and services to: ENGAGE current and future women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals. EMPOWER women to succeed. EXCEL in those aspirations through mentorship, education and a networking community that promotes their contributions and achievements as students, surgeons, and leaders.

Contact: Rema Shah, and Joanna Chen
AYUDH Connecticut

AYUDH, the youth wing of Embracing the World, is an international organization that aims to empower our communities and ourselves through selfless service. The Yale chapter is open to everyone from any stage of life or background and meets to partake in volunteering activities, such as planting trees and serving meals at soup kitchens. We also explore the essence of compassion through discussions, invited speakers, and creative expression. If you are interested, please sign up for our mailing list, find us on facebook, or see our website.

Contact: Durga Thakral
Bioethics Interest Group

The student-run Bioethics Interest Group offers a monthly forum for medical, nursing, public health and physician assistant students at Yale University School of Medicine to explore issues related to ethics in the training, practice, governance, history and philosophy of medicine. The group offers educational seminars, advocates for the medical ethics in the greater Yale community and facilitates medical students’ participation in the ethical life of the medical center and university at large.

Contact: Jafar Al Souz and Anush Swaminathan
Biomedical Innovation Club

As a club we play a central role in expanding of the footprint of entrepreneurship on campus and in promoting health innovation at YSM. Members have the chance to work closely with leading faculty in entrepreneurship at YSM, the School of Management, the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, the Yale Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology (CBIT) and at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, in addition to collaborating with students from other schools who are equally passionate about entrepreneurship. Members help to lead and participate in the annual Yale Health Hackathon, the product of a close collaboration with MIT’s Hacking Health program, and work directly with the top entrepreneurs behind the program. Members also help organize the physician pitch night in collaboration with the School of Management and Yale New Haven Hospital.

Contact: Sumarth Mehta, Brian Beitler, and Yesung Lee
Buddies and Sickle Cell Support (BASCS)

Being in the hospital can be a scary and stressful experience for pediatric patients. BASCS is a subgroup of Volunteers in Pediatrics (VIP) that pairs Yale medical students with kids with sickle cell disease from Yale-New Haven Hospital. BASCS works to create relationships that are focused on the buddies, not their disease. We aim to enrich the clinical experience and create a supportive environment for sickle cell disease pediatric patients and their families, and to raise awareness of the issues that these children deal with on a daily basis.

Contact: Brianna Olamiju, Ilana Usiskin, and Lindsay Eysenbach
Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group

Our mission is to help foster interest, encourage involvement and further education in thoracic and cardiac surgery for medical students. The Integrated CT surgery program is still very new and we would like to introduce its advantages as a residency program to incoming medical students who may not be aware that such program exists.

Contact: Ramak Khosravi and Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako
Child Psychiatry Interest Group - Donald J. Cohen Mentorship Program

The Donald J. Cohen Mentorship Program / Child Psychiatry Interest Group is designed to expose medical students to the field of child development and psychiatry. We strive to foster an interest in pediatric medicine and psychiatry through a variety of events, as well as through mentoring relationships with physicians in the Child Psychiatry Department.

Contact: Dana Lee, Maddy DiGiovanni, and Natalie Lomayesva-Seligman
Critical Care Medicine Student Interest Group (CCM-SIG)

The Yale CCM-SIG is aimed to provide clinical and research exposure to the interdisciplinary field of Critical Care Medicine. Whether it's the Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Pediatric ICU, Neuro ICU, or Neonatal ICU, CCM-SIG provides insight into the work of critical care teams, and the various academic pathways leading to a career as a critical care intensivist. The CCM-SIG also provides shadowing opportunities, hands-on workshops in critical care skills such as intubation and bedside ultrasound, and faculty lectures surrounding important topics in ICUs such as mechanical ventilation, sepsis, and cutting edge research and technology.

Contact: Michael Warren, Nikhitha Murali, Brian Marcus, Hiam Naiditch, Elizabeth Calle, and John Grotberg
Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) is dedicated to facilitating and inspiring interest in the field of Dermatology among medical students by promoting educational events, providing mentorship opportunities, encouraging interest in research, and pursuing service activities.

Contact: Amanda Zhou and Shayan Cheraghlou.
Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group

We are an interest group looking to help medical students learn more about diagnostic radiology through shadowing, small workshop sessions and other hands-on activities!

Contact: Evan Chen, Xiao Wu, and Mary Sun
Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Our mission is to expose medical students to the field of emergency medicine through a series of events, including lectures, lunch/dinner talks, hands-on activities, and nationwide conferences.

Contact: Melanie Zheng, Elizabeth Fitzsousa, and August Oddleifson
Family Medicine Interest Group

This health professions student group is a collective dedicated to cultivating students' interest in innovation in family medicine. This collaborative serves as a forum through which students can support open dialogue and discussion on topics related to family medicine. Additionally, the Yale FMIG seeks to introduce and expose students to opportunities in and philosophies of Family Medicine in a range of academic and hands-on settings. The Yale FMIG is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians FMIG Network and periodically hosts dinner events and educational sessions and welcomes collaboration with a number of other student groups across Yale Graduate and Professional Schools.

Contact: Amitte Rosenfeld
Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG) exists to support students interested in global health issues, going abroad, collaborating with international students and faculty, research, and obtaining the Global Health Certificate.

Contact: Hanya Qureshi, Autumn Nobles, and Alysha Rose
Graduate and Professional School Senate - Medical Student Senators

An group of elected medical school senators for each class for the Graduate and Professional School Senate, a school-wide organization that advocates for a variety of student issues.

Contact: Gloria Chen, Alex Moushey, Karen Qiang,  and Edwin Chan
Global Surgery Interest Group

The Global Surgery Interest Group (GSIG) aims to expose students to the work being done in global surgery. Our group supports students going abroad, engaging in research, attending conferences, and collaborating with with students and faculty, both domestically and internationally. 

Contact: Shin Mei Chan, Kelsey Rankin, and Samip Kafle

HAVEN Free Clinic

The HAVEN Free Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic that partners with Yale University to provide the New Haven community access to comprehensive, high-quality health care free of charge. Our model is unique because we include members across various disciplines in health care, including medicine, nursing, physician’s associate programs, and public health. For more information about the clinic, please visit, or contact with questions!

Contact: Gabriel Betancur Velez
History, Humanities, and Health Working Group

The group’s mission is to foster an interdisciplinary environment where health professional students, graduate students, clinicians, and historians can discuss the political, cultural, and social dimensions of the medical profession through a historical lens.

Contact: Nientara Anderson, Marco Ramos, Maya Sandler, and Sydney Green
Infectious Diseases Interest Group (IDIG)

The infectious diseases interest group (IDIG) seeks to provide opportunities for medical students and students across Yale to learn more about the science and role of infectious diseases in patient care and public health across the globe in addition to providing opportunities to gain experience in the specialty to form the foundation for careers in infectious diseases.

Contact: Christina Lin, Mytien Nguyen, and Casey Grun
Integrative/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group

The mission of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Interest Group is to raise awareness of the field of PM&R, engage medical students and health professionals in the community at large, and foster skill development in research and hands-on skills pertaining to the field. These goals are met by establishing clinical shadowing programs, hosting guest speakers, holding hands-on workshops, collaborating with neighboring schools, and more.

Contact: Tianna Zhou, Alysha Rose, Rachel Esparza

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

IMIG is a student-run organization at the Yale School of Medicine that aims to educate Yale medical students about the scientific and clinical aspects of careers in Internal Medicine. To achieve this mission, IMIG organizes talks by invited speakers, clinical shadowing programs, match panels and other events that give medical students broad exposure to the field of Internal Medicine.

Contact: Ahmad Abdel-Aty, Charles Hsu, and Nelson Ugwu
Interventional Radiology Interest Group

The Interventional Radiology Interest Group is a student organization that aims to expose medical students to the diverse and evolving practice and training in interventional radiology. We also assist students in connecting with potential mentors for shadowing and research opportunities.

Contact: Shin Mei Chan, and  Rohil Malpani
Kids in Cancer Support (KICS)

KICS matches medical students with pediatric oncology patients, to provide friendship and support to these patients and their families facing the challenge of living with cancer. The organization also aims to provide outings and entertainment for buddies both in and out of the hospital, as well as expose students to the experience of pediatric oncology patients and their families.

Contact: Ryan Handoko and Joseph Lim
Maimonides Society

We are a forum for medical students to explore judaism.

Contact: Scott Halperin
Medical Student for Choice

Medical Students for Choice is a national organization of medical students and residents seeking to integrate abortion training and comprehensive family planning education into the curriculum and trains students to be leaders in women’s healthcare. Yale’s chapter of MSFC is a community of people who share these goals as well as collaborate with local activists to secure comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care for all.

Contact: Nisha Dalvie and Sydney Green
Music and Medicine

Music in Medicine seeks to create a musical community within Yale's medical community dedicated to exploring music and its connections to medicine. Comprised of healers-in-training, our organization recognizes that healing is not merely an objective science, but also an art, and that music, as a form of nonverbal communication and a platform for emotions, is remarkable for its therapeutic power. We seek to bring the healing effect of music to a diverse body of patients in the greater New Haven area through monthly performances at hospitals, nursing homes, addiction clinics, and other health facilities. In addition, by offering opportunities for musical expression, collaboration, and enjoyment, we hope to foster the development of the humanity, artistry, and subjective sensitivity essential to become holistic healers.

Contact: Angela Liu and Amanda Zhou
Neighborhood Health Project

Neighborhood Health Project (NHP) is a free clinic that provides screening for hypertension and diabetes. We offer blood pressure and blood glucose level checks, healthcare and lifestyle counseling, and resources for seeking low-cost primary care.

Contact: Ashton Gores, Mariana Henry, Bertie Geng, and Lana Monashkin
OB/GYN Interest Group

The OB/GYN Interest Group strives to educate students about issues related to all areas in the field of OB/GYN and women's health, including maternal-fetal medicine, fertility, reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology, family planning, as well as urogynecology and pelvic surgery. We seek to inspire health students to pursue research and clinical opportunities in the field.

Contact: Rachel Nelson
Ophthalmology Interest Group

OIG organizes enrichment events for students interested in Ophthalmology.

Contact: Lawrence Chan, Anand Gopal, Louise Lu, Aliya Roginiel, Elizabeth Fairless, Tess Litchman, and Linus Shen
Orthopaedics Interest Group (OIG)

Mission: We are a group of medical students who aim to provide our peers with exposure to orthopaedics beyond that found in the standard curriculum. Our objectives are provide early exposure to orthopaedics in the preclinical years, help students identify clinical mentors and research opportunities within orthopaedics, and organize research and residency resources available to students.

Contact: Jamieson O'Marr, Ryan McLean, and Jay Moran


OutPatient is YSM's LGBTQ student group, focusing on LGBTQ+ community, healthcare issues, visibility, education, and advocacy. Some of our efforts over the last year have included organizing a speaker series, supporting LGBTQ conference attendance, contributing to LGBTQ curricular material, and organizing networking and social events. We also work with LGBTQ organizations in New Haven and with YSM faculty interested in LGBTQ issues.

Contact: Abriana Tasillo and Amanda Liberman
Palliative Care Scholars (PCS)

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students from across the Yale health professions schools (Medicine, Nursing, PA) to explore the clinical, psychosocial, and interpersonal complexities of palliative care through deeper interactions with patients and providers alike. Through sitting and talking with patients facing serious illnesses and then reflecting on those experiences together in an open, supportive environment led by seasoned providers who can offer their own perspective and guidance, we seek to expand our listening and communication skills and cultivate our personal capacity for compassion. We also hope to form meaningful connections with patients that may offer them some support during a time of immense challenge.

Contact: Enoch Chang and Ilana Usiskin
Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)

The Pediatrics Interest Group is a student group dedicated to fostering and developing the interests of students in the field of pediatrics. We hope to give students the opportunity to interact with faculty across a range of pediatric specialties through small-group speaker series events, research presentations, and shadowing opportunities, and thereby expose students to the many ways in which they can care for children as physicians.

Contact: Christina Lepore, Chigoziri Konkwo, Meera Dhodapkar, and Rema Shah
Physicians for Human Rights

The YSM chapter of Physicians for Human Rights seeks to advance health professional students’ understanding of and commitment to the right to health and to cultivate skills as advocates for health and human rights locally, nationally and globally

Contact: Grant Higerd, Juliana Lawrence, Nisha Dalvie, Dennis Wang, Emmanuella Asabor, Maddy Sharp
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRSIG)

PRSIG is a group for any students interested in learning more about Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including craniofacial and orthognathic surgery, breast surgery, hand surgery, global health, among many other diverse fields. Students have the opportunity to participate in Section events and learn more about research in the field.

Contact: Cheryl Zogg, Drew Daniels, and Alex Sun
Primary Care Progress

Yale PCP is a collaboration between health care trainees, students, professionals, and advocates who are dedicated to transforming and promoting primary care delivery and education in our community. It currently serves as both an advocacy and primary care interest group platform.

Contact: Melinda Wang
Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group seeks to foster interest in the field of radiology and provide advice to those who wish to pursue a career in radiology. The group aims to host events that will introduce medical students to research opportunities in radiology, gain hands-on experience in the field, and to meet/engage with physicians and residents.

Contact: Mary Sun, Evan Chen, and Xiao Wu
Space Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

The Space Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) aims to promote our understanding of the unique medical challenges associated with spaceflight, connect students with aerospace medicine research opportunities, and foster future leaders in the field who will advance the frontiers of manned spaceflight. SMIG provides students with the exciting opportunity to enroll in the Space Medicine Seminar, an elective for Yale medical students that meets monthly. The course focuses on the physiological implications of aerospace travel, the medical challenges of human spaceflight, and medicine’s role in the human space program. The schedule aligns with the pre-clerkship curriculum so physiological systems will be covered at the same time they are covered in lecture and anatomy. Each session is led by two students who facilitate discussion of relevant chapters in the text, Fundamentals of Space Medicine. In addition, SMIG sponsors skills building events such as an Ultrasound Workshop to learn diagnostic techniques relevant in resource-limited settings.

Contact: Laurel Kaye, Thomas Porturas, Shreyas Panchagnula, and Austin-Marley Windham-Herman
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Interest Group

Group to create a forum for speakers who do Stem Cell and/or Regenerative Medicine Research at Yale and elsewhere

Contact: Neal Nolan
Student National Medical Association/Latino Medical Student Association (SNMA/LMSA)

Yale SNMA/LMSA is committed to building a community for current and future underrepresented minority medical students at Yale, nurturing an environment at YSM that supports these students, fostering connections between Yale and underserved communities in the greater New Haven area, and growing consciousness around issues of social and health equity.

Contact: Autumn Nobles, Ellelan Degife, and Carmen Pajarillo

Student Voices

Student Voices is an initiative that creates informal avenues for students to share their experiences and interests with the rest of the student body in the form of either presentations, talks or round table discussions

Contact: Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako and Kristina Brown
Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students (SHS), established in 2001 and administered by the Office of Education, is the program that oversees upper class students who provide organized, supplemental didactic sessions for younger students. Through review, study techniques and problem sets, upper class students help junior students navigate the science curriculum and manage their time. We run problem-solving sessions using first-hand experience and knowledge, and stress group learning as key to success in the Yale System. Sessions are conducted throughout the year and focus on the whole first and second year curriculum. In addition, this year we will be facilitating sessions for the second year USMLE Step 1 exams.

Contact: Chelsea Fearce and Dumebi Alim
The Student Interest Group in Neurology/Neurosurgery (SIGN)

SIGN fosters medical student interest in the fields of neurology by providing opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities.

Contact: Michael Amick, Erika Chang-Sing, Sam Craft, and John Havlik
The Ultrasounds!

As YSM’s co-ed a cappella group, the Ultrasounds aims to bring the joy of music to the medical school campus. We aim to provide an environment where singers of varying levels of experience, from shower singers to classically trained choral singers, can come together in their love of music. In addition to the known benefits of group singing on the brain, we believe that the Ultrasounds provides a unique opportunity for medical students to explore how musical expression contributes to healing.

Contact: Christina Lepore
Transplant Surgery Interest Group

Interest group for students who are looking to gain exposure to all things transplant

Contact: Shin Mei Chan, Ann Johnson, Justin Johnson, and Zachary Kloos
Urology Interest Group

We host events with the Department of Urology and introduce students to research and opportunities within urology.

Contact: Amanda Lu
US Health Justice Collaborative

The U.S. Health Justice Collaborative is an interdisciplinary student group created in 2015 to build upon the work started within the USHJ Course. The three main goals of the collaborative are to strengthen relationships between health professional students at Yale who are committed to domestic health equity; to deepen awareness about injustices that exist between patients and providers, between providers and other providers, and between healthcare institutions and the communities they serve; and to partner with the New Haven community to understand and contribute to advocacy efforts promoting health equity in the city. For more information, visit our website.

Contact: Robert Rock
Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

Yale Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG) is an organization for YSM students looking to combine their enthusiasm for the outdoors with an interest in learning skills and applications for the treatment of patients in wilderness or other resource-limited settings. Our events include skills workshops, hiking, climbing, and backpacking trips, and national wilderness medicine conferences.

Contact: Ann Johnson, Lake Crawford, and Gloria Chen
Women in Medicine (WIM)

Women in Medicine at Yale (WIM) is a student interest group devoted to fostering the mentorship, education, empowerment, and advancement of women in medicine. We promote and organize events for people of all genders about topics relating to women's careers in medicine and women's health.

Contact: Kerrie Greene and Claudia See
Writer's Workshop

The Writer's Workshop is for writing enthusiasts, pen-wringing pros, and the curious soul. Learn writing tips and techniques. Give and receive feedback in a low-stress, small group setting. Explore the power of words in medicine. Sessions are led and mentored by published physician-writer Lorence Gutterman.

Contact: Mariana DoCarmo and Muzz Shittu
Yale Cardiovascular Society (YCS)

YCS is a student-run organization at the Yale School of Medicine that aims to promote an academic, interdisciplinary and humanistic understanding of cardiovascular medicine among medical students by providing opportunities for scholarship, clinical experience, social service and faculty mentorship. To achieve our mission, YCS will be organizing clinical skills workshops, shadowing programs, community service events, and talks by leading physicians in the field of cardiovascular medicine during the academic year.

Contact: Aishwarya Vijay, Aneesha Ahluwahlia, and Cheryl Zogg
Yale Cushing Socieety

Yale Cushing Society’s goals are to foster mentor/mentee relationships between undergraduate and medical students with neurosurgery faculty. This includes direct, established, and formal mentoring. This also includes a research component that would allow students to more easily access Neurosurgery-related research projects. Our emphasis is on mentoring, research, skill building, and networking.

Contact: Danielle Miyagishima, Jamie Hu, and Stefano Daniele
Yale Health Professions Christian Fellowship

The Yale Health Professionals Christian Fellowship (YHPCF) is a student-run interdenominational Christian group composed of students, faculty, and others affiliated with the medical, nursing, public health, and physician assistant programs and local hospitals. We are united by our common desire to know Jesus Christ and to apply our faith in the health professions.

Contact: Michael Vetick, Dumebi Alim, Claudia See, Mitchelle Matesva, and Brendan Adkinson
Yale Med FC (IM Soccer Team)

Yale Med FC is the official intramural soccer team of YSM. On Sundays in the Fall and Spring, we compete against (and beat) other graduate and professional schools while showing off our shots, blocks, crosses, and chest traps.

Contact: Maya Deshmukh and Leslie Wang
Yale Med Films

Yale Med Films seeks to unite the medical school community through the power of filmmaking and storytelling. We make videos for events such as the Hunger and Homelessness Auction, Second Year Show, and Second Look Weekend.

Contact: Sarah Abdallah, Phil Braun, Adam Nolte, Sean Cahill
Yale Med Muslim Students Association

The Yale Med Muslim Students Association serves to create a community for Muslim students to share their faith and to discuss the intersection of Islam and the practice of medicine.

Contact: Mansur Ghani
Yale Medical Education Interest Group

We are an organization comprised of medical students and esteemed faculty members with an interest in developing our skills as medical educators and teachers. Our group serves as an umbrella organization to connect members to medical education opportunities throughout the 4+ years of medical school, to facilitate interactions between students, residents and faculty mentors, and to develop formal and informal medical education programs. MedEd collaborates closely with the Office of Education, the Teaching and Learning Center, the Yale School of Medicine, and the Yale-New Haven Hospital. Through the encouragement of skill development, scholarship, leadership, and mentorship, MedEd hopes to contribute to the increasing status of medical education at Yale.

Contact: Carolyn Lye, Charlie Zhao, and Mary Sun
Yale Open School Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

The Donald J. Cohen Mentorship Program / Child Psychiatry Interest Group is designed to expose medical students to the field of child development and psychiatry. We strive to foster an interest in pediatric medicine and psychiatry through a variety of events, as well as through mentoring relationships with physicians in the Child Psychiatry Department.

Contact: Chris Breen, Chris Han, Walter Hsiang
Yale Otolaryngology Interest Group (YOTO)

Our mission is to foster interest in otolaryngology among medical students at Yale and facilitate career exploration through research, clinical experience, and faculty interaction.

Contact: Amy Schettino, Ellie Morse, Cynthia Tsay, Rance Fujiwara, Jin Woo Yoo, and Shayan Cheraghlou
Yale Patient Navigator Program

We are a student collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine (MD and PA) and the Yale School of Nursing (YSN) committed to supporting patients in our community. Working with predominantly refugee patients from the Primary Care Center and St. Raphael’s Campus, we work to address social and economic barriers to healthcare and help patients with housing, food insecurity, transportation, and more. Paired with individuals and families, navigators develop longitudinal relationships with their patients, working alongside them to learn about agencies and organizations in the Greater New Haven area to ensure their success within the healthcare system and the community. 

Contact: Divya Ramakrishnan, Michael Amick, Chandler McMillan, Tanvee Varma, and Ann Johnson

Yale Surgical Interest Group

YSIG is an organization for Yale Medical School students interested in exploring careers in surgery and its subspecialties. With support from the Department of Surgery, students are afforded the opportunity to become junior members of the surgical community.

Contact: Marah Maayah, Maria Korah, and George Linderman

Yale Health Professional Students at DESK is an organization that provides basic health screening, hygienic supplies, and over-the-counter medications to those who attend the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen in New Haven, CT. By providing free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, referral sources and basic healthcare necessities, we promote self-care in this underserved population.

Contact: Carolyn Lye
YSM IM Basketball

Intramural basketball

Contact: Paul Abraham
YSM Intramural Ultimate Frisbee

Group to organize a team for IM Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Josh Feler