Yale Off Campus Housing

***Please research all housing options prior to accepting housing***


Yale maintains an off campus housing website which will allow you to search
for housing in particular neighborhoods http://offcampushousing.yale.edu/login.aspx

The website should be accessible from a non-Yale computer, an account will need to be created to access. 

Yale Graduate Housing Affiliate Housing Options: http://your.yale.edu/community/campus-living

Yale International Listserv
This is a listserv for Yale's international community.  Apartment openings are often listed. To subscribe visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/YaleInternational/

Rent.com :  http://www.rent.com/connecticut/new-haven-apartments/2-11153

Airbnb.com (Use with caution):  https://www.airbnb.com/

Craig's List  (Use with caution):  http://newhaven.craigslist.org/

Provides sublet information – students who may be doing an away rotation or research and want to rent out their apartment for the period of time they are away. 

The Graduate Club, New Haven 

155 Elm Street   New Haven, CT 06511-6609 

(203) 624-3197 
This is a club on Yale's campus that has rooms to rent.   http://www.graduateclub.com/

The Quinnipiac Club 
221 Church Street  
New Haven, CT 06510  
(203) 562-3147 
Short term availability 1 -2 nights  
Long-term not available

Hotels within walking distance to Yale

The Study at Yale
1157 Chapel St 

The New Haven Hotel
229 George St 

Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale
155 Temple St

Apartment Buildings in the Area

Some apartment buildings in the area offer more flexible leases. You should
go to http://www.move.com/apartmentsforrent-search/06510  and do a search for the City of New
Haven. I see that The Liberty and the Temple Street apartments, and the Eli
offer flexible leases.  Others to check out:  Taft Apartments, Cambridge Oxford Apts.

This is a company that helps people find temporary housing in the area. I
have never used them so I do not know how good they are, but you can give it a try.

These are longer term hotels but not within walking distance. You would
have to take the bus in to New Haven.

The Carriage House      
2297 Whitney Avenue
Hamden, CT. 06518
(203) 288-3831 Ext #:710
Long-term available


Clarion Hotel & Suites
2260 Whitney Avenue
Hamden, CT. 06518
Nightly discounted rates


Bed and Breakfasts on the Yale Shuttle Route

Farnam Guest House
Innkeeper:  Elizabeth Bachr Lopez
616 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT. 06511
(203) 562-7121
Long-term available

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