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Social Support Services

YSM strives to provide students with a supportive environment outside the classroom as well as within. We hope that the resources below will help create a welcoming social environment for students


Students who need help with a physical or learning disability should get in touch with the Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible. They also should register with the Resource Office on Disabilities for the University at 432-2324.

Students who have had accommodations for standardized exams such as the SAT or the MCAT in the past and think they will be necessary for the USMLE Board exams should contact the Resource Office on Student Affairs and the Office of Student Affairs as early as possible.

Student impairment

Students can be impaired for many reasons. Yale University Health Services (commonly known as the Yale Health Plan) has services for students impaired as a result of mental or physical illness or use of alcohol or drugs. In all cases, appropriate referrals will be made.