Student Health and Wellness

Student Health Services

As a Yale student, you are automatically a member of the Yale Health Plan (YHP) and receive free health coverage.

YHP operates a medical facility on the Yale campus at 55 Lock Street. Services include:

  • internal medicine
  • gynecology
  • health education
  • mental health
  • nutrition
  • 24-hour urgent care

YHP also operates an inpatient care facility. The following services are available on-site for a fee:

  • contact lens clinic
  • pharmacy
  • travel clinic

YHP does not cover emergency care delivered in an emergency room, or obstetrical care, unless you have YHP’s hospitalization/specialty coverage.

Coverage is not automatic for students who take an extended study beyond five years. Those students must complete an enrollment application for affiliate (self-pay) coverage. Forms are available in the YHP Member Services Office or at

Prescription Drug Coverage

Students are automatically enrolled in YHP Prescription Plus Coverage, which includes prescription medications, medical equipment, and inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse services. Students must be members of the YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage in order to be covered by this plan. Although this coverage is optional, we encourage students to subscribe.

Family Coverage

You may enroll your spouse/domestic partner and/or dependent children in one of two student family plans: the two-person plan or the student family plan. These plans include coverage for YHP primary care services and for the benefits covered under the YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage. Applications must be received by September 15 for full-year and fall-term coverage or by January 1 for spring-term coverage only. Rates and enrollment application forms can be downloaded from the YHP website.

Waiving the Plan

You may waive the plan by filling out a waiver form, which can be downloaded from the YHP website ( If you waive the program, you must provide written proof of alternative equivalent coverage, including coverage for mental health services, to the Office of Financial Aid and the registrar.

If you have an alternate insurance plan, YHP will help in submitting claims for specialty and ancillary services. You should find out what your plan’s policy is concerning the coverage of medical services out of their service area.

Disability Insurance

The school of medicine provides students with long-term disability insurance starting in the first year. During medical school, premiums are paid by Yale. Should you wish to continue your coverage after leaving Yale, you must pay the premiums.

Contact YHP

For more information about YHP, call the Member Services Department at (203) 432-0246, or log onto

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Claims/Referrals: 432-0250
  • General Information/Member Services: 432-0246
  • Graduate Medicine: 432-7529
  • Internal Medicine: 432-0038
  • Mental Health/Counseling: 432-0290
  • Patient Representative: 432-0109
  • Pharmacy: 432-0033
  • Urgent Care: 432-0123
  • YHP toll-free number: 1-877-947-2273 (U.S. and Canada)

Forms and Applications

All YHP forms and applications are available from the YHP Member Services Department or on line at It is your responsibility to meet all deadlines and confirm that the forms have been received.

Student Handbook

A complete description of the services and benefits available to students is provided in the Yale Health Plan Student Handbook. Call the YHP Member Services Department at 203-432-0246 for a copy. The handbook can also be accessed on the YHP website.