Student Life

The Yale School of Medicine Medical Education Program offers a wide range of opportunities, activities, and support to supplement and enhance your Yale Medical Education experience.

Image: LGBTQI Event 2018

Student Organizations

The medical school offers a wide range of activities including a variety of student organizations where you can pursue your interests in community service, career development, mentoring, or...


Community Service

The Medical Education Program offers a variety of activities & opportunities for its students, including international study opportunities, a variety of clinical electives, numerous...


Support Services

The medical school has services in place to support your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, as well as many programs to help you academically and socially.

Image Security


One of our most important missions in the Office of Student Affairs is to keep you safe while you are at Yale. In this effort, we work closely with university administrators, who have...


Welcome to New Haven

New Haven has been home to Yale University for nearly three centuries. Conveniently located between New York and Boston, it is an international community that is a center for scholarship,...

Guidance Regarding Free Expression and Peaceable Assembly for Students at Yale

"Yale has a deep history of fostering expressive activity. As an academic institution dedicated to free inquiry and the search for truth, the university is committed to free expression. Recently around the country, we have seen demonstrations become disruptive and even violent. These guidelines summarize university policies, provide relevant information to students, and are intended to promote the exercise of free expression and the safety and security of all members of the university community."