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Lecture Series

Health Diplomacy Seminar Series

The Health Diplomacy Initiative (HDI) at Yale is inspired by the vision that health can and should have a more prominent role in international relations and foreign policy discussions and deliberations. This initiative brings together various disciplines and professionals including medical, nursing and public health experts, social scientists, economists, legal scholars, and activists, and draws from fields such as health and human rights.

For more information contact Dr. Kaveh Khoshnood (

Yale World Fellows Program

The cornerstone of the Yale Wold Fellows Program is a 15-week global affairs colloquium taught by renowned faculty from across Yale's Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Schools.  Through exposure to both classical philosophical text, current academic research and practical thought, the program creates a real-world experience unlike any traditional academic program.  For more information visit the Yale World Fellows website.

CIRA Director's International Seminars

Distinguished visitors who are conducting HIV/AIDS research in an international setting participate in this seminar. Most discussions are followed by an informal, question-and-answer session.

visit to be added to the announcement list.

MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies is the university's focal point for encouraging and coordinating teaching and research on international affairs, societies, and cultures around the world. The MacMillan Center sponsors numerous lectures, films, seminars and conferences each week; the events calendar is at the MacMillan Center website.

The Schell Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School

The Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School coordinates a variety of human rights programs. The center sponsors frequent panels, lectures, and conferences. For events, visit the Yale Law School Schell Center Calendar, or you can sign up for their listserv by sending an email to

Center for Bioethics

The Bioethics Center sponsors numerous events throughout the year that are related to local, national, and international bioethics topics.

For more information, visit Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics Events Calendar. To be added to the center's weekly listserv, contact Carol Pollard, associate director, Interdisciplinary Bioethics Center, at

Yale and the World

The "Yale and the World" website offers a gateway to the global aspects of Yale University, for students at all levels and in all concentrations. It is a useful resource when considering opportunities abroad, and/or networking with other Yale programs, faculty, or alumni.

Conferences at Yale

Check out the Yale University Bulletin & Calendar for information about ongoing conferences.