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Not Available AY 2018-2019

Alam Sehat Lestari Clinic


ASRI was founded by Dr. Kinari Webb, a Yale School of Medicine graduate, who developed this very innovative model of linking human health with the health of the rain forest. The staff of the ASRI program are all Indonesians.  Fifteen to twenty western medical volunteers spend time at the clinic each year assisting with patient visits at the clinic, mobile clinic rotations, research, and training local medical staff. These volunteers are a critical part of the program’s goal to build local medical capacity in Indonesia.


Medical students will be able to work with Dr. Webb if she is on site or with one of the volunteer physicians to treat patients both at the site of the clinic as well as on mobile clinic visits to communities in the rainforest.  Students will also be able to observe the rain forest conservation work that is being conducted on site and how the clinic attempts to play a role in salvaging the rain forest.


This is a low technology setting and so students will principally rely on history and physical exam skills.  Learning to utilize Ultrasound technology before going on the elective would be very useful.  


Students will usually be paired with an Indonesian student from Jakarta who will serve as the student’s language and cultural broker.  Students should be prepared for living conditions that accompany a clinic in a low income setting on the edge of a rain forest.




  • John Gaudet
  • Eunice Martins



  • Alexander Domingo
  • Whitney Soble


  • Flavia DeSouza
  • Karl Grunseich
  • Dame Idossa
  • Andrew Young


  • Austin Weiss
  • Kai Swenson


  • Elyssa Berg
  • Julia Lubsen


  • Alexandra Ristow
  • Alla Smith
  • Rachele Yarborough


  • Mei Elansary


  • Jessica Crawford
  • Amanda de la Paz