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Xiangya - Xiangya Hospital 


The Yale-China Association founded the Xiang-Ya (Hunan-Yale) Hospial and medical school over 100 years ago.  Xiangya was one of the top schools in China and continues to be a high regarded, central government funding medical school.  Faciliated by the Yale China Association health committee staff (Michael Packevicz and Lucy Yang), we are able to develop elective rotations in many disciplines at Xiangya. This has been a truly bilateral exchange with Xiangya students, residents and faculty spending time on the Yale campus. 


Changsha is a medium sized Chinese city of about 7 to 8 million people.  About 1-2 million of these individuals have come to Changsha from to countryside to seek work.  Students will be able to gain some first-hand experience regarding the difficulties of providing health care for this population and experience some of the environmental challenges of rapid industrialization.  Hunan is well known for its spicy regional cuisine. 


Selection will in part depend on finding a mentor who will be able to work with the student in that department. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a well-regarded independent department at the medical school and students may be interested in spending some time with these physicians. 


Medical students in China tend to be in more of an observer role rather than being actively engaged in caring for patients.  Thus, Yale students going to Xiangya should be prepared to round with the care team but not to have weight-bearing clinical responsibilities. 

Knowledge of Mandarin would be useful in gaining a fuller understanding of the system of care, but is not a requirement for the rotation.  Xiangya will assign a medical student to assist non-Mandarin speakers.



  • Elizabeth (Chen) Kurtz
  • Edward Herman
  • Lucy Liu
  • Wendy Xiao


  • Daniel Barron
  • Connie Cheng
  • Raj Chovatiya 
  • Adesuwa Ighodaro
  • Nichole Jawitz
  • Oliver Jawitz
  • David Zhu


  • Mona Guo 
  • Derek Kong 
  • Jia Liu 
  • Rebecca Vitale 
  • Amanda Wallace 
  • Sarah Xu


  • Kathleen Fenn Gloria Sue
  • Eric Kuo Qing Yang
  • Rabeea Khan Caroline Ong
  • Daniel Lu Sabrina Khan
  • Michelle Chen


  • Michael Alpert
  • Harrison Bai
  • Ruijun Chen
  • Chineme Enyioha
  • Wei Gui
  • Timothy Law
  • Oluwatosin Onibokun
  • Adam Sang
  • Nazlee Zeberdast
  • Bingnan Zhang


  • Joshua Au
  • Stacey Kellem
  • Odayme Quesada
  • Adam Sang
  • Michael Soule


  • Kesi Chen


  • Audrey Provenzano


  • Anthony Marfeo
  • Rachel Wattier
  • Ying Wang