Clinical Electives in Asia & the Pacific

Electives in Asia and the Pacific include a working with Dr. Kinari Webb at the Alam Sehat Lestari Clinic in Borneo, Indonesia, the Chung Fellowship in Changsha, China, and a clinical rotation at Mettapracharak Hospital in Thailand.

International Experiences in Asia

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Not Available AY 2018-2019


was founded by Dr. Kinari Webb, a Yale School of Medicine graduate, who developed a model of linking human health with the health of the rain forest. The...

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People's Republic of China

The Yale-China Association founded the Xiang-Ya (Hunan-Yale) Hospial and medical school over 100 years ago.  Xiangya was one of the top schools in China and continues to be a high regarded,...

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Dr. Pannet Pangputhipong, the current director of the hospital, is an internationally renowned ophthalmologist who performed the first phacoemulsification in Thailand and has been...