Image: Flag of Uganda
Mulago Hospital
Makerere University
Internal Medicine

An affiliation between Yale and Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, was established to place Yale attendings and residents at Mulago Hospital throughout the year, funded through the Yale Stanford/Johnson & Johnson Scholars in International Health program.  This is a bilateral exchange program with Ugandan students and faculty also spending time on the Yale campus.

Students, who are funded through grants from the Office of International Medical Student Education, will observe on several inpatient clinical services at the hospital.  The hospital is severely under-resourced and so routine tests and procedures that would be available at Yale may not be able to be provided at Mulago.  The Ugandan physicians utilize history and physical exam skills to establish diagnoses and follow patient progress.  Physical exam rounds by expert clinicians will help Yale students hone their own physical exam skills.

Medical students who do a clinical elective at Mulago will learn about the effects of the HIV epidemic on the Ugandan population. Many of the patients hospitalized at Mulago Hospital will have quite advanced presentation of illness and so students should prepare themselves for the experience that a large minority of patients admitted to the hospital may die in the hospital.

Language, history and cultural experiences will be provided through faculty lectures and interactions with the students.  Students frequently utilize weekends to travel to other parts of the country.



  • Hadley Bloomhardt


  • Carla Lopez
  • Azim Munivar
  • Ava Yap


  • Duncan Reid
  • Minhee Sung
  • Kathleen Yan
  • Bianca Yuh


  • Thomas Gilliland
  • Sarah Jin
  • Rabeea Khan


  • Benjamin Margolis
  • Oluwarotimi Okunade
  • Gladys Rodriguez
  • Aniruddh Patel
  • Charisse Mandimika


  • Joshua Leinwand
  • Babita Panigrahi
  • Alexandra Ristow


  • Amy Forrestel
  • Aaron Feinstein
  • Michelle Morales
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Oluwatosin Oniboku
  • Michael Peluso


  • Grace Waniiku
  • Michael Otremba
  • Jocelyn Ronda
  • Chantae Sullivan
  • John Thomas
  • Kofi Buaku Atsine


  • Michael Dewan
  • Marie Bewley
  • Jacob Brubacher
  • Jana Halfon
  • Sonja Rakowski
  • Daniel Solomon
  • Ravi Kavasery
  • Carrie Thiessen
  • Qi Zheng


  • Merritt Evans
  • Terri Huynh
  • Elizabeth Kvach
  • Monica Mix
  • Esi Nkyekyer
  • David Scales
  • Kamila Sikora
  • Deanna Wilson
  • Sara Whetstone


  • Carolyn Avery
  • Temidayo Fadelu
  • Jennifer Voorhees


  • Allison Arwady
  • Lily Horng
  • Rachel Laff