Clinical Electives in Africa

International Opportunities in Africa

Image: Flag of Ghana


Established in 1962, UGSMD, was the first medical school in Ghana. Students wishing to do an elective in Ghana have the option to do a 6 week rotation in one of the following areas:...

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South Africa

Although TB is the leading cause of death among HIV-infected patients in South Africa, care of the two diseases has been separate, leading to fragmented patient care and suboptimal patient...

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An affiliation between Yale and Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, was established to place Yale attendings and residents at Mulago Hospital throughout the year, funded through the...

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Dr. Michael O’Brien, Department of Surgery, makes an annual two-week trip to the village of Mwandi, on the Zambezi River in southwest Zambia, volunteering in the local Mwandi Hospital, a...