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Global Clinical Electives

Clinical electives allow students who have completed their clerkship year to have a clinical experience in another health care system. The following clinical electives are available internationally and domestically.

Global Clinical Elective Travel Fellowship

We are very pleased to be able to offer opportunities to highly motivated students interested in completing a clinical elective in a low resource setting.

In addition to completing the application form and the indemnification statement, we request that you also provide an updated CV. The application must also be signed by your academic advisor to ensure that you have met all necessary academic requirements.

All of these clinical electives are subsidized from one of several endowed travel fellowships from generous alumni and friends of the school to support students on global clinical electives. These fellowships cover medical pre-trip evaluations and immunizations, air travel and some living expenses; however these stipends may not cover all of your expenses during the clinical elective. You should also be aware that if you choose to add personal time and travel on either side of the elective we can not be responsible if the elective dates must be changed.

Please note that each site has different requirements for the length of the rotation. Changes can’t be made to the duration of the clinical elective rotation.

Additional Information

  1. Students receiving travel awards must write a reflection describing the impact of their clinical elective and a thank you note the donor for their contribution to the fund.
  2. Students are responsible for all other expenses related to global clinical electives.

We look forward to reviewing your application.

To apply: Please follow this link to the grants database to complete the online application; please enter "Clinical" in the search by keyword field to pull up the "International Elective Travel Fellowship" application. FOR INTERNATIONAL ELECTIVES ONLY.

Preparing to Travel

Yale students participating in elective clinical rotations through the Office of International Medical Student Education MUST:

  1. Please carefully read the travel preparations described on:
    Yale and the World | International Travel and in the International SOS system.
  2. Please download and print your ISOS Membership Card containing information on what to do in an emergency.
  3. Register your travel. Requires NetID and password to access.
  4. Contact CIBT for assistance and support with passports and visas.
  5. Complete all requirements of the Global Health Elective Program:
  • Pre-Departure Orientation and Ethics Workshop (please review information on taking photos)
  • Travel Health Requirements
  • Site Specific Orientation with assigned faculty mentor
  • Submit Global Health Elective Reflection and Thank you letter to supporting donor
  • Global Health Elective Debrief Session