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Yale Students Going Global

Global Health Education at Yale

Global Health Seminar

The Global Health Seminar is a weekly elective course intended for students in the health professions to develop an understanding of the key issues in global health research and practice. The course features faculty from across the health professional schools and other global health experts from around the world.  It's collaborative nature provides a rich environment for interdisciplinary dialogue. Sessions are on Thursday, from 5:30 - 7 pm in Hope 110 (unless otherwise announced).

Please Click Here to See the Global Health Seminar Syllabus
Medical students are able to pursue a variety of didactic, research, and clinical experiences in global health at Yale. The Certificate program organizes coursework and international experiences into a longitudinal curriculum that a student can complete over four (or five) years of medical school, while maintaining flexibility in terms of both the timing and content of these opportunities.