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Clinical Electives Information

We offer clinical electives in many sub-specialties of medicine. These are elective programs and do not meet requirements for core clinical clerkships. All electives are four (4) weeks in length per clinical elective rotation, we do not offer two (2) week elective rotations for visiting medical students. Students may apply for a maximum of three (3) four (4) week electives but these electives must be in different specialties.

Please note that we do not place visiting students in the mid-June/mid-July rotation block, please review the VSLO website for the next available rotation. If you are applying for an elective in the months of January or February we will not be able to place you in the requested electives until the Yale students finalize their schedules in late December/early January. We will do our best to let you know about the outcome of your application as soon as possible. The application for the first semester of each AY will be available in VSLO in February of each academic year. Application for the 2nd semester of each AY will be available in VSLO in September of each academic year.

Read the descriptions of electives carefully within the VSLO application before listing your choices. You may not change your choices or dates of elective after your application has been submitted to elective department at Yale School of Medicine. Students may not apply for more than three clinical electives, for a maximum of twelve (12) weeks at Yale School of Medicine. If you apply for three (3) electives, they must be taken in consecutive date periods and must be in different specialties. A maximum of four (4) elective applications will be accepted via VSLO will be reviewed by YSM, any application(s) after will be automatically rejected.

Visiting Student Elective Catalog Listing

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