Services for Patients & Families

Adult Ethics Committee

Adult Ethics Committee 

The Ethics Committee at Yale-New Haven Hospital provides consultation on individual cases where ethical issues have been raised. This committee is co-chaired by Rev. Susan L. Asher, MDiv, Director, Religious Ministries, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and Ernest Moritz, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine. Patients and families are offered guidance regarding the right to receive or refuse treatment; patient rights and responsibilitiesadvance directives; families’ wishes; and privacy concerns. To request a consultation with the Ethics Committee, contact the Department of Spiritual Care at 203.789-3299. 

Yale Pediatrics Ethics Program 

The Yale Pediatric Ethics Program is led by Mark Mercurio, MD, MA and offers academic and clinical services to faculty and staff at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. The program educates clinicians, staff, residents and medical students on issues related to pediatric ethics, and provide consultation services to patients, families and staff. To schedule a consultation with our ethics committee, contact the Department of Spiritual Care at 203-688-2151 or ask a nurse to call for you.

Yale Pediatric Ethics Consultation Service

The Yale Pediatrics Ethics Consultation Service of Yale-New Haven’s Children’s Hospital provides consultation about ethical issues regarding clinical practice related to pediatrics. This group, chaired by David Hersh, MD consists of physicians, nurses, clergy, medical ethicists, community members and others, with experience consulting in such matters. The committee does not have the authority to determine patient care, and serves in an advisory capacity only, but can help patients and families with ethical concerns about medical treatment and patient care issues. Ethics consultations can be requested by the patient, family, friend, clinical staff or research staff at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. Contact the Pediatric Ethics Committee at 203.785.4651 or through the hospital page operator at 203.688.3111.