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Adult Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee at Yale-New Haven Hospital provides consultation on individual cases where ethical issues have been raised. This committee is co-chaired by Rev. Susan L. Asher, MDiv, Director, Department of Spiritual Care, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and Ernest Moritz, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine. Patients and families are offered guidance regarding the right to receive or refuse treatment; patient rights and responsibilities; advance directives; families’ wishes; and privacy concerns. To request a consultation with the Ethics Committee, contact the Department of Spiritual Care at 203.789-3299.

Yale Pediatrics Ethics Program

The Yale Pediatric Ethics Program is led by Mark Mercurio, MD, MA and offers academic and clinical services to faculty and staff at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. The program educates clinicians, staff, residents and medical students on issues related to pediatric ethics, and provide consultation services to patients, families and staff.

Pediatric Ethics Committee

The Pediatric Ethics Committee of Yale-New Haven’s Children’s Hospital provides consultation about ethical issues regarding clinical practice related to pediatrics. This group, chaired by David Hersh, MD, Phd consists of physicians, nurses, clergy, medical ethicists, community members and others, with considerable experience consulting in such matters. The committee does not have the authority to determine patient care, and serves in an advisory capacity only, but it can help parents and patients with ethical concerns about medical treatment and patient care issues. Ethics consultations can be requested by the patient, family, friend, clinical staff and research staff at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Contact the Pediatric Ethics Committee at 203.785.4651.

Book Discussion with Medical Students

The Program for Biomedical Ethics occasionally offers a book discussion to medical students, wherein they are offered the opportunity to read a certain book and then meet to discuss it over dinner, with the author (Yale faculty in a couple of cases) or someone from the English Department This year we will be discussion Middlemarch by George Eliot.

Bioethics Interest Group

The student-run Bioethics Interest Group offers a monthly forum for medical, nursing and physician assistant students at Yale University School of Medicine to explore issues related to ethics in the training, practice, governance, history and philosophy of medicine. The group offers educational seminars, advocates for the medical ethics in the greater Yale community and facilitates medical students’ participation in the ethical life of the medical center and university at large.

Community Bioethics Forum

The Community Bioethics Forum was founded in fall 2012. The mission of the Forum is to: provide a valuable educational resource to members of the greater New Haven community with an interest in healthcare ethics; strengthen ties between Yale University School of Medicine and the Greater New Haven community; and better understand the perspectives, needs and values of the Greater New Haven community. The Forum will be comprised of 10-20 specially selected members of the public who live in the greater New Haven area. Topics will focus on critical, and often misunderstood, medical issues in the New Haven region.