Child Study Electives (VS)

The aim of this elective is to provide the student with an intensive experience in infant, child, and adolescent psychiatry. The curriculum includes assessments of normal development and psychopathology in childhood, treatment methods, and research in major disorders of childhood. Students will be active team members of the Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Service (CPIS, Winchester, and the consultation service to the pediatric wards of Yale-New Haven Hospital from this base and in close coordination with the Director of Medical Studies, Dr. Martin).  Students will be able to take advantage of the wide range of ongoing seminars, conferences, and clinical services in place at the Child Study Center. Teaching methods include seminars, conferences, field observations, ward rounds, and practicals selected by the student following consultation with the Director of Medical Studies and the Child Study Center.

Length of Rotation: 4 weeks (maximum-1 student)

Scheduling Restriction(s): Not offered 07/18/2016–09/09/2016

Student’s Class Level: 4th year

Prerequisite(s):  N/A

Visiting Students: Yes 

Learning Objectives

  1. History skills. Gather the important information that is needed for the child and adolescent psychiatric history and complete a history in the medical record for at least 8 patients.
  2. Mental status examination (MSE) skills. Complete a pertinent MSE for the evaluation of at least ten patients. The student should demonstrate the ability to perform this pertinent examination while being observed by at least one attending or resident.
  3. Knowledge/diagnostic and treatment skills: Know about common child and adolescent psychiatric conditions.
  4. Attitude: Demonstrate professional responsibility in working as a team member with other members of the child psychiatry team, patients and families.
  5. Career/context: Know the training/career pathway for child and adolescent psychiatry, including research and academic pathways.

This elective entails etiology, clinical manifestations, and treatment of adolescent psychopathology, including eating disorders, depression, suicide, psychosis, delinquency, and the impact of physical and mental disabilities on adolescent development. Reading is supplemented with live and taped clinical material.

Length of Rotation: 4 weeks (maximum-1 student)

Scheduling Restriction(s): N/A

Student’s Class Level: 4th year

Prerequisite(s):  N/A

Visiting Students: Yes

Learning Objectives:

  1. Awareness of necessity and application of scientific method
  2. Attitude: Demonstrate professional responsibility in working as a team member with other members of the laboratory.
  3. Career/context: Know the training/career pathway for clinical research in child psychiatry