Advanced Training

The final months of medical school offer substantial flexibility for students to clarify their career choices, gain additional clinical experience through electives and sub-internships, participate in research, complete their thesis, prepare for boards, and apply for residency.
The final 17 months of the curriculum is a time for advanced individualized training. Students are required to take one 4-week sub-internship and 33 weeks of scheduled research and/or clinical electives of their choice, and participate in a 3 week capstone course with specialty 'boot camps'. There is also ample time to study for and take the USMLE Steps 1 & II, schedule and attend residency interviews, and participate in other experiences based on students' individual choices.

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Clinical Electives at Yale

Yale School of Medicine offers over 100 diverse and challenging Clinical Elective and SubInternship experiences for medical students, that are overseen by over 65 committed faculty members.

Non-Clinical Electives

Yale School of Medicine offers many diverse and challenging Non-Clinical Elective and SubInternship experiences...

Like many of my fellow classmates, I have chosen to stay at Yale an additional year. After returning from India, where I will spend six weeks working on the infectious disease ward of an Ahmedabhad City Hospital, I will pursue my thesis project studying bacterial infection in infants. I am also going to teach an undergraduate course that examines advances in molecular biology and the practice of medicine. Yale's curriculum has given me the opportunity to pursue my intellectual interests without the hindrance of excessive requirements.

Samir Shah, University of Pennsylvania, YSM '98

Teaching and Learning Center

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Med Ed Day at Yale:  May 16, 2018

The Yale School of Medicine Teaching and Learning Center has committed faculty and staff who work together with our colleagues supporting educators at every level. We provide expertise and innovation in educator development, assessment, learning technologies and curriculum design.