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The mission of YSM is to educate and inspire scholars and future leaders who will advance the practice of medicine and the biomedical sciences. In line with YSM’s mission, the objective of the Office of Admissions is to admit a diverse class of outstanding students with a broad range of experiences and backgrounds who show the greatest promise of becoming future leaders and scholars.

The educational program is designed to develop physicians who are highly competent and compassionate practitioners of the medical arts schooled in the current state of knowledge of both medical biology and patient care. It is expected that Yale-trained physicians will establish a lifelong process of learning the medical, behavioral, and social sciences by independent study. The aim is to produce physicians who will be among the leaders in their chosen field, to sustain and improve health and to alleviate suffering caused by illness and disease, and to provide outstanding care and service for patients in a compassionate and respectful manner.

YSM Office of Admissions Statement on COVID-19

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) Office of Admissions faculty and staff recognize the unprecedented challenges that many applicants to medical school will face in the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. Information regarding PASS/FAIL grades and online instruction, necessity of the MCAT, and timing of applications can be found below.

The following notifications apply to both the MD and MD-PhD programs.


Required pre-medical classes play an important role in preparing students for the curriculum at YSM. Given the challenging circumstances surrounding COVID-19, YSM Office of Admissions will be cognizant of the fact that many colleges and universities may elect to change their grading policies midterm from letter grades to PASS/FAIL, or to offer students the choice to make such a decision. We believe that individual colleges and universities are best equipped to make decisions on their grading systems, and YSM Office of Admissions will respect and trust each college/university’s response to grading policies, and those of students, with regard to the entirety of 2020 (spring, summer, and fall).

YSM permits applicants to take pre-medical requirements online provided the courses include laboratory work (where applicable, as detailed in our pre-medical requirements). Students will be asked to specify any pre-medical courses taken online when filling out the YSM Secondary Application.

YSM Office of Admissions and the admissions committee will take circumstances surrounding 2020 into account when evaluating the applications of all students enrolled in classes in 2020. As such, prospective applicants to YSM enrolled in pre-medical classes in 2020 should, if applicable, make decisions that they believe are best for them in context of their individual situations.


Our application evaluation is holistic and contextual and takes into account the entirety of an application. The MCAT examination continues to be a steadfast and important component of this evaluation. The AAMC has reiterated that they remain committed to testing everyone who wishes to sit for the examination for the 2021 application cycle. As such, we will accept scores from all 2020 MCAT test dates and extend the due date for applications to YSM.


To accommodate applicants for the Class of 2025 who have re-scheduled their MCAT examination dates or are facing other difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extending our AMCAS application deadline to November 15 and the Yale Secondary Application deadline to December 15. The date for receipt of letters of recommendation will likewise be extended to December 15. We may elect to extend these deadlines further, if necessary.

Revised Deadlines for 2020-2021

  • AMCAS Application Deadline:
    November 15
  • Yale Secondary Application Deadline:
    December 15
  • Letters of Recommendation Deadline:
    December 15
  • Interview Invitation Mailing:
  • Decision Notification:
    By March 15

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Yale School of Medicine welcomes applicants regardless of documented or undocumented immigration status and endorses the values of the University as stated by President Peter Salovey in 2016:

Yale’s commitment to its students is long-standing, and I am dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the supports and resources we have in place. We admit students without regard to immigration status, and our financial aid policies assure that no student will be denied an education because of immigration status. These policies will continue.

If you have questions or concerns, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) website.

Yale Medicine Magazine devoted an issue to the School of Medicine’s revised curriculum that incorporates new approaches to address today’s changing landscape in medicine.

In addition to the M.D. Program, the Yale School of Medicine offers a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), a Master of Health Science (M.H.S.), and a variety of other combined degree programs including the M.D.-Ph.D. Program.