Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

The MSPE is a key element of the residency application. It tells the story of the student’s time and effort at Yale without comparing one student’s performance with that of others.

The MSPE begins with a report of the student’s activities and accomplishments before medical school. This is written by the associate dean for student affairs after meeting with the student during the first year. The biography is followed by all final clerkship, sub-internship and elective evaluations, including the grades. In addition there is a paragraph about the student's research, a paragraph about the student's extracurricular activities and a brief summary. the MSPE is not a letter of recommendation, it is an account of the students endeavors while in medical school.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are individualized assessments of you and your work by people who are in a position to know. Choose carefully the people you ask to write letters as these letters carry a lot of weight with residency programs.

Students must have three or four letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with their work. Students should check the websites of the programs they are interested in to see how many letters are needed.

Some specialties require a departmental letter, known as the Chair’s Letter. If that’s the case, you should schedule an appointment with the chair during the summer before your residency applications are due. Be sure to bring a copy of your curriculum vitae and a personal statement to the interview.