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Academic Advising

Yale School of Medicine recognizes the special importance of academic advising and career counseling for medical students. The Academic Advising Program provides academic and career guidance to medical students while contributing to their professional development. Academic advisors are knowledgeable about the Yale System of Education, as well as curriculum and graduation requirements. They are informed and up to date about student assessment, board examinations, residency application processes, extracurricular opportunities at Yale, 5th year options, joint degree programs and the thesis requirement. Advisors are a valuable resource who will follow academic and professional performance, offering guidance and feedback throughout students’ time at Yale.

Career Development

Deciding on a career path in medicine is a process that can span the entire time you are in medical school and is all about self-discovery, connecting with good mentors, exploring your options and making a decision.

The Office of Student Affairs is strongly committed to assisting you find the right career. We are here to help every step of the way, from finding mentors, choosing electives, deciding on a specialty, to applying for residencies, and more.