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Yale Summer Enrichment Research Experience

The Yale Summer Enrichment Research Experience (YSERE) is a free 8-week program for Gateway and Housatonic Community College students considering a career in biomedical research. Students will participate in an intensive research program designed to expose students to the process of scientific discovery and the path to a PhD or MD/PhD. In addition to conducting a primary research project, students will also develop their critical thinking skills, analysis of scientific literature, and effective scientific communication. There is no fee to attend and students will receive an $800 stipend. Breakfast and lunch will be provided and help with transportation costs (i.e., bus pass) will also be available. For more information, please see our brochure. For more information, please see our brochure.

To Apply

To beging the application process, you will need:

  • Two letters of recommendations (one from a science faculty)
  • College transcript
  • Resume (including extra-curricular activities)
  • FAFSA report of Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) (DACA students exempt from this requirement)
  • Personal statement: YSERE seeks individuals who are interested in 1) advancing the goals of diversity in biomedical research, and 2) committed and determined to work through difficult challenges. Please share an example of a major life obstacle you overcame to pursue your education/training, and how you think this program will help you achieve your future goals?