Health Care Research

Health care policy and economic research with respect to radiology is an area of active research by several members of our faculty. Recent publications by Drs. Howard Forman and Jeffery Weinreb address the means of measuring the current market for Radiologists, the incentives that medical students respond to in choosing a specialty, and ensuring quality in imaging services.

Recent Articles

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Professor Forman is a practicing emergency room/trauma radiologist. He teaches undergraduate, graduate, and graduate medical courses in healthcare policy, finance, and economics at Yale University. He is an associate editor of the AJR.

Dr. Weinreb is Section Chief of Body Imaging, Chief of MRI, and Director of Medical Imaging in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Yale Medical School and Yale-New Haven Hospital. He is served for six years as Chairman of the Commission on Quality and Safety for the American College of Radiology. He is a former Vice President of the ACR and President of the Society for Computed Body Tomography/Magnetic Resonance (SCBT/MR). He is currently the Chair of the National Data Registry (NRDR) and Co-Chair of the ACR Forum.