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Research and Innovation

Radiology is the cornerstone of healthcare delivery. In many cases, clinical decisions are made based on a radiologist’s interpretation. Furthermore, there is abundant interest in developing innovative computer vision or text-based algorithms. Within this context, the CII will leverage radiology’s position to conduct thoughtful research projects and build innovative products.

New and existing partnerships
Collaborations with partner physicians in other specialties, Yale computer scientists (ex: Yale Language Lab), and even industry leaders will be thoughtfully sought and nurtured. It would be hubris to presume that all innovative work can be done solely in-house. New projects with existing partners, such as AIDOC and Siemens, will also be developed with the ultimate goal of furnishing a publication or clinically useful product that can be disseminated.

Disease identification
With AIDOC, the combination of NLP and computer vision tools can be used to identify potential cases for interventional radiology, such as IVC filter retrievals, prostate artery embolization, adenomyosis embolization, etc. Not only would these increase case volumes for IR directly, but the existence of such a tool can also be used to market IR as a leader in innovative approaches to patient care.