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Pacs Optimization

The utility and advantages of Visage have become apparent to our health system. Our early-mover advantage and successful on-site demonstrations of the technology to outside institutions have allowed us to develop strong relationships with Visage leadership and engineers. These relationships will be leveraged to address several initiatives, driven by faculty and residents, as well as potential improvements to the existing product.


Split Studies: CT imaging of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis require a time-intensive effort to split into Chest and Abd/Pelvis so that they can be reviewed by the appropriate division. This process should be automated.

Hanging Protocols Optimization: Radiologists’ changing preferences and needs have resulted in a crowded array of hanging protocol options. These will be streamlined.

Tumor Tracking: Automated tumor size tracking, in table form, would be beneficial to clinical and research endeavors like.

Al Annotations: Working with Visage engineers, each section champion will develop most commonly used annotations/lesion descriptors to standardize and expedite report content.

Third Party Application Phase Out: Multiple legacy apps are no longer providing meaningful value to the department, yet they add to our overhead costs. These apps will be evaluated, and contracts terminated where fit and as Visage feels in that space.